Developing Interpersonal Communication/Listening/Inter-personal Skills
Duration: 3 days




Developing Communication & Interpersonal Skills*


(*The trainer is the author of an ISTD award winning book ‘Water The Roots’ on the subject that has attracted testimonials from international authorities)


Trainer and Facilitator: Anil Bhatnagar



A. DURATION:  2 days, & 3 days versions*

B. HOW THIS WORKSHOP IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS ON THE SUBJECT: This power-packed workshop is partly based on Anil Bhatnagar’s thoroughly researched book "Water The Roots' on the subject, which has been adjudged by the Indian Society for Training and Development as the second best to be published (among all categories—the first prize was awarded to a book on computer software)  in the country in the year 2001-2002.

This workshop bears a stamp of class and is not among the ordinary run-of-the-mill workshops on the subject. It hits the nail on the head and straightaway goes to the root of problems relating to interpersonal communication/skills and transforms the participant into a powerful communicator. The workshop unearths the blocks that keep one from becoming the effective communicator one has the potential to be through beliefs questionnaires and bulldozes them through powerful role-playing and auto-suggestion exercises. Apart from this, the workshop utilizes the latest and the most effective tips and techniques available on the subject anywhere in the world.

The participants feel the difference in their level of confidence with which they can face life after attending this workshop. Others can easily distinguish such a person from those who have not been as fortunate!



·         To remove psychological barriers so as to be able to contribute to their team through open communication.

·         To make the participants aware of ineffective as well as effective styles of communication, and to make them rehearse the later so that they could switch over to more effective style through a daily awareness, and practice.




1. Introductory:


·         Rules to follow in the workshop

·         The invisible connection that binds us all together. 

·         Basic goals of communication

·         Six stepped communication cycle

·         Exs


2. Opening Up To Open Communication

·         Importance of open communication

·         Roadblocks to open communication

·         Role Play

·         Johari Window

·         Exs

·         Communication strategies: Four quadrants

·         Role play

·         Exercise

·         Empowering your words: Do you speak words or merely sounds?


3. The Art And Science Of Giving And Receiving Feedback

·         Seven infallible secrets of developing effective listening skills.

·         Power of appreciation

·         What is feedback and how to make it effective?

·         Barriers to giving and receiving feedback

·         How to express grievances without offending anyone so that they can be addressed for the common good.

·         How to give and receive negative feedback without bringing down the morale of the receiver.

·         Using the power of questions and politeness.

·         How to avoid the trap of generalizations and vagueness and be precise in communication.

·         Developing the habit of daily introspection, insight, and fore-sight regarding one’s transactions.





  • Self-discovery and assessment instruments
  • Real life case studies and examples that participants can readily identify themselves with.
  • Small group exercises, activities, and discussions in which participants are able to share their own experiences and learn from one another
  • Role plays
  • Recapitulation and customized action plan after each section





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