Developing Leadership Skills
Duration: 3 days




"Unleashing the Leader Within

A revolutionary workshop on

How to Build, Work in, & Lead Great Teams

Trainer: Anil Bhatnagar

Duration: 3 days

About The Workshop:

This workshop Unleashing the Leader Within is based on the strategies outlined in trainers article published by Covey Leadership Center, USA in their magazine Executive Excellence (October 2001). The workshop stems from years of research and is based on experiential and interactive exercises and brings about transformation through a thorough revamping of existing unproductive and self-defeating beliefs of participants deep at the subliminal levels of consciousness.

B. Deliverables:

After the workshop, the participants shall have learnt how to

         Share information, cooperate & facilitate mutual understanding,
to identify the precise needs of the team and develop a sense of responsibility and ownership towards these.

         Handle problem behaviour

         Understand the dynamics of people interacting within teams

         Understand the needs of fellow team members and fulfill them.

         Minimize and resolve conflicts

         Share appropriate information effectively and efficiently

         Constantly and ceaselessly improve the team performance. Make every team member contribute his very best to the team with passion.

         Develop fellow feeling, synergy, and team spirit i.e. Work in harmony as a team member of a cohesive workforce, foster team oneness, synergy and keep the morale of the team high.


First Day

Morning session


  The Power of being Awake: The Five Rules of Awakening Excellence

  Getting ready to learn

  Six Stepped Positive Change Cycle

  How to keep the flame of workshop alive after it is over

  The power of Beliefs

  The Power of Timely Action

  The Power of Habits


Post Lunch Session

Passion & How to Re-Ignite It

  The Power of Awareness

  The Power of Problem Sensitivity

  The Power of Honouring your Dreams: 3 Kinds of Vision

  The Road Focused and Destination Focused Attitude

  Recap and action points


2nd Day

Morning session


  Learning the difference between a group and a team.

  What is the biggest wastage we need to be concerned about?

  Why people dont give their best if so much is at stake

  Advantages of team building (what do we lose or gain personally)

  The four stages of team building: forming, storming, norming and performing

  Criterion to check the effectiveness of a Team.

  The History of Team Needs

  The five needs of the team and how to fulfill them optimally as a follower and as a leader respectively.

Post Lunch Session

  What is Team Intelligence?

  Who is a Leader?

  The four quadrants of team intelligence

  Difference between following and leading and when to follow and when to lead.

Recap and action points


3rd Day

Morning session

3. Planning & Preparation

Checking where we stand in relation to the five team needs at present.

3a. Need #1: Team Member fulfilment

         Culture of instant and authentic appreciation/recognition,

         Expressing grievances

         Keeping the Word

         Developing Inner Oneness

         Dealing with problem Behaviour

3b.    Need # 2. Transparency within and without


   Developing the courage to resist and support appropriately

  Recap and action points


Post Lunch Session

3c.   Need # 3. Team Oneness and morale

  Building mutual trust (Culture of bringing conflicts to surface and resolving them, express, mean and keep your words).

  How to develop emotional bond among team members

  Forming a team identity, making people identify with and feel proud of the team

  Learning how to build a team that communicates perfectly within and without. The art of giving and receiving negative feedback.

  Job rotation

4. Practicing & Programming

Need # 4 & 5. Setting (Need # 4 ) and achieving(Need # 5) the SMART goals

Understanding Performance and End goals

       Being proactive.

       Establishing goals (including the goal of team building) through team involvement, regular reviewing, ceaseless learning, and control systems.

       Developing an action plan for building a great team.

       Staying on the path with PIOR Cycle (Plan-Involve-Observe-Review)

  Recap and action points

Developing Customised Do-Able Action Plan

Master Mind Meeting



        Self-discovery and assessment instruments

        Real life case studies and examples that participants can readily identify themselves with.

        Small group exercises, activities, and discussions in which participants are able to share their own experiences and learn from one another

        Role plays

        Recapitulation and customized action plan after each section





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