Presentation skills
Duration: 2 days




Presentation skills


Facilitator/Trainer: Anil Bhatnagar

About the workshop

The trainer is the author of the ISTD award winning book ‘Water the Roots: How to communicate Like An Expert’ which was adjudged to be the Second best book among all categories in 2001 (The first prize went to a book on computer software). The workshop is based on his rich experience in Communication and Presentation skills. The book has drawn testimonials from world’s leading authorities on the subject.


The workshop makes the participants aware of possible roadblocks to effective communication, and exposes them to the various essential parameters of communication, such as


  • factors that make a communication or presentation effective,
  • analyzing audience and adapting presentations to the needs of the audience,
  • how to structure the presentation
  • use of pace, pauses, emphasis, and voice modulation, non verbal communication, eye contact, and posture,
  • usual mistakes people commit in communication especially while delivering presentations and how to avoid them,


The workshop is experiential and gives each participant the opportunity to present so that s/he could be coached on possible weaknesses for improvements.



To sensitize the executives towards the importance of effective presentations, making them aware of the common pitfalls, and provide them with power-packed strategies for creating and delivering them.



  • Systematic eight-stepped way of creating and delivering a power-packed presentation.
  • Knowing the common pitfalls.
  • What may go wrong and preparing to avert, or handle it.
  • Practice, assessment, and customized suggestions for each participant

·         Six steps of communication cycle

·         Eight steps to prepare an outstanding presentation

·         How to prepare yourself before the event (mentally as well as physically) and while waiting for your turn to present. (dos and don’ts)

·         Delivering the presentation

o    How to begin

o    How to adapt and maintain listeners’ interest

o    How to conclude

·         Using visual aids

·         Common mistakes

·         Handling problem people

·         Practice session



  • Self-discovery and assessment instruments
  • Lecture
  • Small group discussions
  • Practice Presentation sessions
  • Recapitulation and customized action plan after each section



2 days (1 day for technique sharing and the second day for practice session for each participant)







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