"Attitude for Excellence" :
Attitudinal Transformation through Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence

Duration: 3/5 days


About The Workshop:

  • Genesis: The workshop, 'Attitude for Excellence' is based on the wisdom of our ancient sages that is being rediscovered by modern scientists. Over the last 25 years, I have been passionately going through the vast mass of the findings and teachings of the world's all time great spiritual giants, masters and scriptures, in the backdrop of discoveries taking place in Modern Physics and Biology. In the last 12 years or so I have distilled, synthesized and simplified them to retain their essence in Nature's five core timeless principles. 

  • Man since time immemorial has been talking of  Nature’s principles though only in a generalized and unfocused way. Management gurus like Stephen Covey often talk of integrating these timeless principles into our day to day living without defining them. As a result, a common man appreciates and  feels inspired but fails to put these into action on his own life—you cannot put into action what you do not know precisely. This is probably the first time a serious study has been done to investigate and define Nature’s secret timeless principles precisely.

  • I have also designed practical, simple and concrete ways to help us live by these five principles in our personal and corporate lives so as to infallibly ensure excellence, bliss, prosperity and accelerated growth on all fronts of our lives. These principles are fundamental and basic and hence need no customization for whatever reasons. However, once these principles are understood, each person can develop his own 'ready-to-apply' customized blue print with little or no guidance.

  • How it is uniquely different: Attitude for Excellence is a revolutionary workshop that is set to take the corporate world by a storm. It is probably the most powerful tool discovered in the history of personal growth and transformation. Wherever conducted, its simple but pragmatic and down-to-earth approach has mind-blowing impact on participants--even though lot of fine tuning, refinement and improvement took place subsequently only in the recent days. Most of the training workshops discuss what should happen and why, without letting people know why it is not happening that way already, and they also fail to equip the participants to be able to consistently,  easily, infallibly and consistently do ‘what should be’. In other words they improve one’s knowledge base without changing one’s habits and beliefs—though, if you carefully look at your actions, you will realize that they do not stem from what you know; they stem from your habits. Click here to read,Dr William Cottringer,  author of ‘You Can Have Your Cheese & Eat It Too’ interviews Anil Bhatnagar’ on his revolutionary workshop on ‘Attitudinal Transformation’

  • Philosophy: Most of the people already know a lot. But knowing is not enough just as dumping and stirring into a Television cabinet all the transistors, capacitors, and circuit boards (i.e. all the necessary ingredients of a Television-set) is not enough to make it functional. These five principles connect all your existing knowledge into a meaningful whole, and checks and supplies any missing information—igniting a powerful passion in the process to energize this newly connected circuitry of understanding!

  • Though we humans live for about 80 years or 30,000 days on an average, any human being’s activities in a life time remain restricted within only 20-30 kinds of activities, namely writing, reading, speaking, reading, eating, exercising, thinking, planning etc. That means that each of these 30,000 days is spent repeating over and over again—with, may be, only a little variation of--the same activities. Though these activities need to be repeated for more than 30,000 times or more on an average, it is strange that it never occurs to us that we could develop SOPs (standard operating practices for these 20-30 activities so that whenever and whatever we do we do it joyously, enthusiastically, meaningfully, and perfectly). On the contrary, irrespective of his knowledge, a common man keeps on repeating the same erroneous habits over and over again absent-mindedly despite unpleasantness, failures, disharmony and growing frustration.  Attitude for Excellence classify these activities into three kinds and provides for each of these three kinds of activities SOPs that stem from these infallible five timeless principles of nature.

  • How the learning points that one brings back from this workshop are already in a ‘ready-to-use’ state for being integrated into day-to-day living from the very next day? It seeks to inculcate a habit of asking a set of powerful questions before starting any activity to raise his self-awareness about what he is about to do. The questions are not to be remembered or asked all in one go. It is a kind of intense self-briefing session of one to two minutes. One can go at one’s own convenient pace. A beginner may decide to ask only one question and develop it into a habit through constant repetition before taking on the second one. Once this habit sets in, he is ready to add on to it, the habit of asking the second question also along with it…and so on.  It’s like the process of adding on paper clips to an already existing string of paper clips. The questions are remembered through a mnemonic.

    With practice the participant comes to a stage when he can ask all the relevant questions of the SOP in the checklist and take care of them within a minute, before starting any activity--just as an experienced driver can press the brake pedal, release the accelerator, steer the wheel all in a  fraction of a second if need arises. The mnemonic and the power of the subconscious mind help him do this.

Duration:  Five days in one go, or splittable into two phases of 3 days each. Best results shall come if allowed to run in one go—apart from the fact that it shall be more economical both time wise and investment wise. We can assure you that impact-wise the investment on these five days shall be far more (not equivalent or even comparable) to at least 35 days* of usual traditional workshops since the workshop, 'Attitude for Excellence' can take care of your following Employee development needs

  1. Planning and Organizing skills
  2. Emotional Maturity and Positive Behaviour
  3. Interpersonal skills/Relations
  4. Setting and Achieving Goals
  5. Listening and conversing skills,
  6. Confidence Building
  7. Self-Motivation
  8. Internal and External Customer satisfaction (Customer Retention Mgt)
  9. Time Management
  10. Personal Effectiveness (initiative, speed and quality in performance)
  11. Performance under stress (It will coach on attitude for stress management and on how to perform under stress. For learning how to manage stress  with physical exercises, breathing exercises, diet tips etc. a separate three day workshop is available)
  12. Alert Mindfulness
  13. Developing Integrity
  14. Cost cutting
  15. Team Building

Kindly note that even if participants are made to undergo separate 2 to 3 days workshops for each of the above 15 subjects as mentioned above, the net impact of the 30 to 45 days so spent on them shall not even begin to compare with the impact of this 5 days workshop.

The reason for this is that here in this workshop, the learning points

  • are woven together into a compact meaningful capsule, 
  • are enlisted as specific changes that need to be brought about in one's daily routine and
  • are supported by pragmatic instructions and SOPs (standard operating practices) for fail-safe implementation.

Contents of the workshop:

  • Discovering our hidden but real life purpose, dreams, strengths and blocks.

  • How you are creating your own destiny every moment even though only unconsciously through your responses. How you can now consciously create a destiny that will fulfill and delight you in everyway through responses that are emotionally and spiritually intelligent.

  • The responses become emotionally and spiritually intelligent if they are in harmony with the  five timeless and infallible laws of Nature: Passion, Clarity, Conviction and Consistency, Integrity, Love (or oneness)  and Attention

  • Why knowing these laws alone does not help, because results come not from knowing but from living these laws.

  • How to make the new learning points percolate down to our habit-level.

  • Blue print for coaching each of our seven inner team members.


By the end of the workshop participants shall have found

  • how to discover and responding from the truth of oneness. 

  • how to develop a habit of appreciating your people more often--even for small things.

  • how to ensure that team-mates respond as ‘one people in many different bodies’.

  • discovering and dovetailing personal life purpose, talents, skills and goals with those of organization, and thereby bring about the team synergy.

  • how to put forward opinions, logic or view points, without contradicting others’ .

  • how to be respectfully and affectionately assertive instead of being aggressive or submissive.

  • how to keep the morale of the team high.

  • the five ways we respond to conflict situations: turtle, fox, shark, owl or teddy bear. Resolving conflicts quickly the owl’s way.

  • how and why to focus on understanding others before trying to be understood by them.

  • the art of giving and receiving negative feedback.

  • the difference between reacting and responding, and how to respond instead of reacting.

  • how to develop a collective inner state conducive to outer personal and organizational success

  • how to use enthusiasm to cause accomplishments instead of resulting from them. Seeing and visualizing the ultimate success beyond the apparent and temporary failures.

  • how to replace scarcity consciousness with abundance consciousness and the attitude of resentment with that of gratitude.

  • how to ensure that team members feel that together they own as well as are being owned by the organization—like a family.

  • how to develop a habit of making and honoring commitments with deep sincerity.

  • how to bring about improvement in the quality of communication, lesser confusion and higher trust level among internal and external customers.

  • Improved emotional intelligence leading to improved relations among internal and with external customers.

  • A genuinely positive, loving and caring attitude in their relationships with others—whether peers, seniors or juniors.

  • An attitude to take responsibilities, look for the solutions within instead of finding excuses without.

  • Acute sensitivity towards the value of time: yours as well as that of others.

  • A new optimism and enthusiasm towards work, and shall not need any external motivation to give their best to whatever work that they may be involved with.

  • Alertness and mindfulness at work resulting in lesser mistakes and better efficiency.

Feedback direct from horse’s mouth i.e. the participants

"It is one of the best workshops I have ever attended".
--AK Jain, IIFCO, Mktg Division, 53-54, N.Place, N.Delhi

"It is truly life transforming! Mr Bhatnagar has indeed more than kept his promise".
---Anshu Kubba, SAIL

I am thankful to God for giving me the privilege to attend this seminar.
--Debabrat Tripathy. NTPC, Kaniha, Talcher

"I was surprised by the tremendous knowledge and stamina of Mr Bhatnagar".
--Praveen Kumar Giri, Bhilwara Group, Noida.

"This workshop will surely revolutionize the way we look at and do our work-and thereby ultimately revolutionize our nation".
--Harish Jiwal, SAIL

"The course made me feel enlightened; I liked the faculty (Mr Bhatnagar) coming to our level".
--Girish Vir, Punj Llyod.

I was surprised by the faculty's experience, research and confidence.
--K.C. Samal, NTPC, Kaniha, Talcher

"I was surprised by Shri Anil's stamina, power, and faith in his subject".
--Rama Kant Sharma, SAIL

"This workshop really enlightened me about many things about which I was unaware; it is quite useful for all categories and class of employees in any age group".
--VK Suri, GM, BPL Display devices.

"I was surprised by the depth of knowledge, sincerity and commitment of the faculty".
--Debasmita Tripathy. NTPC Kaniha, Talcher

"I would like to say that this programme has transformed my life and compelled me to think in a positive way".
--Raj Kumar, SAIL

"I liked the kind of examples given throughout during the workshop and was surprised by his passion to teach".
--Umed Sethia, LNJ Bhilwara Group.

"I feel deeply inspired and have already formed a group to help ourselves remember and incorporate whatever we have learnt in the workshop".
--Manoj Kandpal, SAIL

I liked the practical examples for explaining things.
--Anil Kumar Aggarwal NTPC, Kaniha, Talcher


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