Self Motivation/Servant Leadership/Customer orientation
Duration: 2 days




Self Motivation


Duration: 2 Days



To sensitize the executives towards the fact that the pain of not creating a life of their dreams is worse than the pain of creating it, and providing tools to give themselves and their internal and external customers their very best.



The workshop

         provides a systematic step by step checklist to discover hidden psychological aspects of ones personality that are keeping one from giving ones best to ones life.

         Provides participants with tools to enhance self-belief and self-confidence.

         Provides a recipe for igniting and preserving passion in life.

         Provides a strategy that can be developed into a habit of making one aware of the consequences before initiating the disempowering action or not initiating the empowering action


Broad Contents


1. The need to look back at life from our death:

         Life is precious. Does it reflect in our attitude towards it?

         Messages from the three worlds.

         Why are we here?

         The concept of Servant leadership.

         Workplace is the place where you will spend the major chunk of life. Have you discovered your passion at this place?


2. The recipe for self-motivation:

A. I need it:

         What is the biggest pain of life?

         Destiny is nothing but a guiding feedback from Nature.

         Crossing the river between your pain and pleasure

         What would you do if you were to have infinite courage and money, no possibility of a failure and an assured success? When will you propose to do it? Why not now?

B. I deserve it:

         You only have to say Yes. Rest is already done.

         The two gifts we are already born with.

         The role of Self esteem

         The role of a Role model

         Self-love: Be a gardener to your life


C. I can achieve it:

         Being destination focused

         Circle of concern and circle of influence


         The 7 C: The Obstacles to self-motivation


3. Being a servant leader in relationships

         The only way to have purpose and happiness in life is to be a servant to people

         Dont instruct-increase awareness by asking questions

         Dont order-request

         Dont do things at the cost of self-esteem. Leave people feeling better than before.

         Be mindful yourself



4. Action plan and staying on the track:

         The weekly Bug-list

w  The night review and morning commitment:




  • Self-discovery and assessment instruments
  • Real life case studies and examples that participants can readily identify themselves with.
  • Small group exercises, activities, and discussions in which participants are able to share their own experiences and learn from one another
  • Recapitulation and customized action plan after each section







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