Inculcating Creativity
Duration: 2 days




Inculcating Creativity


1. Duration: 1 day, 2 days & 3 days versions


2. Objective

To sensitize the executives towards the importance of being creative, the attitude that keeps us from being creative, short and long-term strategies to consciously inculcate creativity. Dealing with the challenges that creativity may bring with it.


3. Deliverables

The workshop

·         Awareness of the cost of not being creative.

·         Developing problem sensitivity

·         Seven original and highly practice-able catalysts to creativity that can be used in any given situation to find a creative solution.


4. Broad Contents

A. Introductory:

w  Five alphabetic rules of excellence

w  what is creativity and why is it required,

w  power of beliefs and habits,

w  The power of awareness

w  Creativity’s relationship with freedom.

w  Shelf life. What you learn here shall be in ICU for next 24 hours.

w  How to continue the workshop after it is over


B. Creativity: What, Why, How, where

·         The Gap between Potential and Performance

·         What is creativity

·         Mechanism of mind & need for creativity:

·         The uses of creativity:


C. Where are we now

  • Checking our present creativity level
  • How can we improve?
  • The roadblocks to creativity and how to overcome these
  • Roadblocks and catalysts to creativity.


D. What will take us there

  • The difference between awareness and attention
  • The three ingredients of creativity and innovation
    1. Problem sensitivity
    2. Guidance Acuity
    3. Guidance Implementation

w  The four short term catalysts to creativity and innovation.

w  The three Long Term catalysts to creativity and innovation.

w  Stepping up creativity

1.    Lateral Thinking

2.    Creative Visualization

3.    Mind Maps


E. What recipe for enhancing  creativity and innovation are we taking away from here?

  • Putting all what we learnt together
  • The Knowledge Tank and the Habit Tank
  • The Blue print for enhancing creativiy and innovation
  • How to stick to the plan

w  Dealing with the challenges that creativity may bring with it.


5. Methodology

  • Self-discovery and assessment instruments
  • Real life case studies and examples that participants can readily identify themselves with.
  • Small group exercises, activities, and discussions in which participants are able to share their own experiences and learn from one another
  • Recapitulation and customized action plan after each section





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