Developing value system and corporate ethics
Duration: 2 days




A revolutionary and pragmatic workshop on

How to live our life as per our highest values and

Help develop a brave new corporate world rooted in ethics

Trainer: Anil Bhatnagar

Duration: 2 days

About The Workshop:

This workshop "Developing Value System & Corporate Ethics is based on trainers own 12 year long research on the subject. The workshop comprises experiential and interactive exercises and brings about transformation through a thorough revamping of existing unproductive and self-defeating beliefs of participants deep at the subliminal levels of consciousness.


After the workshop, the participants shall feel committed towards bringing about the needed change and shall have chalked out a customized personal blue print to embark on a journey of constant and never ending improvement towards developing the personal values of

         Understanding the needs and rights of others (and also those of the team as a whole) and responding with fairness, respect and compassion towards these.

         Courage to resist and support forces that are respectively unfavorable and favorable to developing a culture of ethics at the work place. Helping to form thereby a team identity of business ethics that people can identify with and feel proud of.

         Handling resources economically like a loyal custodian on behalf of the whole humanity without compromising the quality of output.

         Keeping the Word

         Instant and authentic appreciation/recognition, (and hereby promote this quality at the workplace)

         Expressing grievances to the right person instead to the convenient person.

         Addressing grievances and resolving conflicts amicably and justly.

         Dealing with problem Behavior effectively


First Day

Morning session

Getting ready to learn

  The Pebble Story

  The rules of the game

  How this workshop is different from others?

  The discipline we shall be sticking to during the workshop

  How will we keep the flame of workshop alive after it is over? (Enough of lip service to the cause of values and ethics. Isnt it?)

What all shall we need to bring about the needed change?

  Is knowledge enough to bring any change?

  The Power of Awareness

  Six Stepped Cycle of Any Positive Change

  The Power of Timely Action

  The Power of Habits

Post Lunch Session

How badly do I need values and ethics really? What price am I willing to pay for their sake and why?

  What do we mean by ethics and values?

  The Power of Problem Sensitivity (Group ExsWhat shall I regret at my death bed?)

  What is the cost of lack of values in people and lack of ethics in the corporate culture to me, my children and my society?

  How does lack of ethics and values affect the quality of our lives?

  What is the biggest wastage we need to be concerned about?

  Why people dont give their best if so much is at stake

  The Power of Beliefs

  The Power of Honoring your Dreams: 3 Kinds (colors) of Vision

  Group Exs: The Winning Game

  What may be the cost I may have to pay for sticking to my values, and helping an ethical corporate culture come into being? Why am I willing to pay this price? For what gains?

  The Power of Passion (The Road Focused and Destination Focused Attitude)

  The urgency of change



2nd Day

Morning session


  Decoding the DNA of virus eating up our values and ethics. Reasons for declining moral values and ethics?

  What compels us, despite our best of intentions, to deviate from following values and from helping ethics take root in our corporate world?

  Needs decide the end we want to achieve and the values determine the means to fulfill these needs..

  Maslows theory of hierarchy of human needs and its impact on our values and ethics.

  Criterion to check the effectiveness of a Team. History of team needs. The spectrum of team needs

  The three worlds we live in

  The NIRF cycle of fulfillment (NeedsIntelligenceResources Fulfillment)

Post Lunch Session

  Values-principle spiral. Lawrence Kohlbergs three levels and six stages of moral reasoning.

  The four quadrants of team intelligence

  What can I do personally to keep my values

  What can I do collectively to beat the lip service of the insincere and really contribute to a culture of ethics? (Exs to create a customized Do-Able Action Plan blue print for bringing about the needed personal and collective change)

  Staying on the path with PIOR Cycle (Plan-Involve-Observe-Review)

  What can I do wrong in my enthusiasm as a person of values and ethics?


  Addressing Final queries

  Recap and action points

  Sharing the action plans for building an ethically vibrant team.



        Self-discovery and assessment instruments

        Real life case studies and examples that participants can readily identify themselves with.

        Small group exercises, activities, and discussions in which participants are able to share their own experiences and learn from one another

        Role plays

Recapitulation and customized action plan after each section




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