Setting and Achieving Goals
Duration: 2 days

About the Workshop:

The ability to set goals, make plans, and achieve goals is the key skill for personal and professional success. Committing yourself to a lifetime habit of ceaseless and progressive endeavours towards the development of this skill will do more to assure great success and achievement in your life than any other skill you can possibly learn. The greatest wastage in any organization is the gap that it permits to exist between the potential and performance of its employees. And the lesser the employees are trained in the skill to set and achieve goals the wider is this gap, and consequently this wastage, is likely to be. Employees if equipped with this skill can atleast double the quality and quantity of their output.

This workshop is based on the insight , “You do best what you do for yourself’, and is designed to dovetail orgnizational goals to participants’ personal goals and self-esteem. It wakes up the participants from their complacence and inspires them to embark on the journey of honouring and fulfilling their personal dreams while automatically fulfilling, in the process, those of the organization as well.

The workshop makes you step out of the hackneyed and usual stuff on the subject and introduces you to the techniques that humanity in its present status of evolution is just beginning to get introduced to with amazing results.  This workshop for the very first time will introduce you to the inner forces and areas of human potential that were hardly being used for want of awareness.


  1. Vision, mission, values, objectives, targets, key result areas and goals: how they are different and why they are important.

  2. Which of the three kinds of visions you are consciously or unconsciously, operating from? The role of beliefs and mental blocks behind each one of them. What kind will your vision/goals be, had you been the owner of the company?

  3. The paradox of goals setting: Though necessary, why setting goals for your people almost guarantees that they will not be achieved?

  4. Why playing safe, though tempting, may prove to be dangerous while goal setting?

  5. Can we do anything when, with target date approaching, we see that the goal is about to be ‘not’ achieved?

  6. What are SMART goals? Why SMART goals, though necessary are not enough in themselves?

  7. Passion is the fuel without which the best of planning and other necessary ingredients shall be of no use. But can this piece of knowledge help if we really do not know the recipe of igniting passion in ourselves and in others?

  8. Teamwork counts, but a majority of humanity is yet to be introduced to the real team that plays for them.

  9. From clarity to conviction, and from conviction to consistency.


  1. To acquaint participants with the latest techniques that equip them to exploit their hitherto untapped inner potential in incredibly amazing ways so as to make them set and achieve goals with infallible confidence and certainty.

  2. To let them become aware of the fact that how little of what they deserve, they are giving to themselves (and to their organization)—and how they can begin to progressively reduce the gap between their potential and performance from today itself.

Feedback direct from horse’s mouth i.e. the participants

I would like to say everything about the workshop i.e. presentation, methodology, style, content and delivery was GREAT!
--Manvinder Singh Ajmani, Continental Engines Ltd

Excellent Programme!
--Anil Sharma, Continental Engines Ltd

The programme came in my life as a wake up call.
--Manish Gupta, Continental Engines Ltd

The programme made me feel enlightened.
-- Vivek Prakash, Continental Engines Ltd

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