Developing Assertiveness and Responsiveness Skills
Duration: 2 days

About the Workshop

Every day all over the world countless great ideas die before they could benefit the organizations in a big way simply because often people carrying them lack the assertiveness to get them the deserved attention of those who matter. Often such ideas, even if raised, are bull-dozed by aggressive superiors or colleagues for egoistic reasons. There are executives who find it easier to carry out the tasks of their juniors because that is what they find easier than to make their workforce work instead. Obviously apart from sending wrong  signals and vitiating the atmosphere, this also affects their efficiency and results in unnecessary drain on the paid man hours. Employees get away with sub standard work or no work at all,  setting wrong precedents in the process. Unnecessary exploitation of the good workforce and their resulting demoralization makes it difficult for an organization to perform satisfactorily.

The work culture of organizations can be improved dramatically if only we could train our workforce in assertive-responsive skills. Every organization can thrive and perform well if it can track the unnecessary fluff of goody-goody attitude and replace with more responsible, honest and straightforward communication. And this demands proper training of any workforce in assertive-responsive skills.

Some of the advantages of inculcating assertiveness and responsiveness skills are:

  • Less stress and hence better health
  • More confidence
  • Good at dealing with others
  • Better members of a team
  • Things get done effectively and efficiently
  • Command more respect

In order to inculcate these two extremely important qualities a thorough revamping of our mental software is required. Just knowing what do they mean and understanding them intellectually does not serve much purpose. We need to discover our self-defeating beliefs, thoughts, emotions, tendencies and replace them with their empowering counterparts. With very effective role playing exercises, the workshop accomplishes this very precisely.


  1. What to do when you feel let down
  2. How to Confront a passive and submissive escaper
  3. How to manage someone using aggressive, offensive or abusive language
  4. How to say ‘No’
  5. How to request for help
  6. What to do when confronted with unnecessary arguments, blaming and criticizing
  7. How to save meetings that are getting hijacked*
  8. What to do when your request gets answered unfavourably or someone makes an unreasonable request
  9. How to respond to substandard services
  10. What to do when you find people ignoring your views for long
  11. What to do when you are about to say ‘yes’ to some request or proposal without having considered it really
  12. How to give and receive negative feedback.
  13. What to do when you have hesitation telling others about your achievements:
  14. It is better to have an honest ‘no’ than to have a dishonest and reluctant ‘yes’ the first one at least gives the opportunity to find a more reliable alternative.
  15. The kind of respect I receive from others only mirrors the kind I have for myself. I need to respect myself more.
  16. Whether I am giving or receiving, conflict can be used for improvement and growth. It is meant only for this purpose and hence is welcome.
  17. It is more important to be authentic than to be liked.
  18. I have the right to have rights and assert them. My personal rights are: liberty, pursuit for happiness, free speech, be protected by the law, peace and security. I have the right to be treated with respect. I have the right to be wrong at times or to commit mistakes. I have the right to reply and be heard.


Inculcate a powerful and positive work culture conducive to better services, higher productivity, creativity, constant and never ending growth of individuals and teams they constitute.

Appreciation : Feedback direct from horse’s mouth i.e. the participants

I was surprised by how my honest feelings came out because of the environment created by Mr Bhatnagar
--Bharti Saxena, Engineers India Limited, Gurgaon

I was surprised by Mr Bhatnagar's versatility.
--KK Verma, Engineers India Limited, Gurgaon

Good day of learning!
--Harpreet, Engineers India Limited, Gurgaon


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