1. To ceaselessly learn, assimilate, test and then provide to others through training workshops and all other possible mediums, the know-how and awareness that can connect people and corporations to the subtle laws of nature and their own intrinsic truth and purpose.
  2. To draw people and corporations out of their survival/scarcity consciousness, comfort zone, mental blocks, conditioning and the tendency to play safe and make them taste the excitement of challenge, the thrill of accomplishment and the bliss of 'Thrive!' consciousness instead
  3. To make people and corporations ceaselessly and progressively grow in their competence, commitment, contribution, and prosperity naturally, joyfully and almost effortlessly through the awareness of the Nature's infinite orchestrating power that they can harness to do so.


  1. To redefine the impact that should be expected from behavioral workshops.
  2. To be a brand name recognized and respected worldwide and to be undisputedly India's most promising and trusted company in the field of Behavioral Trainings-a force to reckon with in the empowerment of Indians through attitudinal transformation.

Core Values

  1. To perceive every participant as God in disguise and every workshop as a God-sent opportunity to serve Him with the utmost sincerity, humility and devotion we have at our command.
  2. To focus not merely on providing information for the mind but also on ensuring the needed lasting transformation of the heart and habits, while preparing the modules and while conducting the workshops.
  3. To provide indices for the participants to measure their progress for regular self-evaluation.
  4. To delight our customers with our commitment to the cause-not just satisfy them.
  5. To act as a powerful agent to trigger lasting, ceaseless and progressively growing self-driven positive change.

How we are different

  1. We appreciate that the greatest loss in any organization is the gap that we permit between human potential and human performance. The usual run-of-the-mill training workshops aimed to bridge this gap, however, leave you with a rubber-band effect i.e. Participants return to their earlier undesirable ways in almost no time after the workshop is over. And whatever they bring from the workshop is either forgotten quickly or remains dormant.
  2. Like you, we too, have been deeply concerned about the rubber-band effect and very strongly feel that organizations and participants deserve much better. And having ourselves attended a few such workshops, we asked ourselves a question, "Why persist with igniting fire through rubbing of stones and using bullock carts in an age of satellites, and supersonic jets? Shouldn't there be a better way?" And this question lead us to a 12 year-long research on this effect. And as a result, we have been able to devise power-packed fail-safe ways of containing this memory-loss, and of bringing the newly acquired learning points into consistent, conscious and habitual action--even before it has the time to slip into dormancy.
  3. We have managed to devise these powerful tools to overcome this rubber-band effect through the science of 'APPLEARNICATION'. Applearnication is not only the ability to identify and learn what needs to be learnt, but is also the ability to trigger the initiative, passion, and alertness, to preserve and consistently apply the acquired learning to real life situations. The tools of Applearnication are based on the timeless age-old principles of learning, as well as, the ones, based on the latest scientific research and findings.
  4. We, at 'Thrive!', are pioneers in adding the "Applearnication" dimension to the workshops through a method perfected over a 12 year long research.
  5. We question the complacence towards the benefits of any training workshop. In response to the question, "why is it so that even though the workshop was adjudged very highly, we hardly find any appreciable change in our people after this workshop?" The clients often get to hear, "We are sure, it must have rubbed at least 5% on at least a few of the participants. If it has, we have served our purpose".

    We question this complacence! Will we be satisfied and justify it in the similar way if our child get similar percentage in exams? Change may be a slow and natural process, but it cannot be left to chance, complacence, or vain hope. IT OUGHT TO BE CLEARLY AND UNDISPUTEDLY VISIBLE.
  6. The world is changing fast and we are sure that the taste of our workshops will make clients worldwide demand more from any workshops. In our workshops, we assure participants of three things:

∑ a clearly defined traversable path,
∑ a deep and intense realization of an inner reason to traverse it,
∑ a clearly visible and progressively accelerating movement along that path towards the intended results.

And if you love yourself and your organization enough you can easily understand how 'how we are different' can indeed make a real difference to your organization.

We can assure you that if given a chance you will find in our workshops a proud discovery for yourself and your organization, and guarantee you that your participants will find the usual workshops almost primitive in comparison to ours.


1.            Airtel (Delhi, Bhopal, Mumbai, Bílore) 

2.            Bank of India (Mumbai)

3.            Bharat Oman Refinery Ltd (Beena, M.P)

4.            BHEL

5.            Bhilwara group

6.            Bhushan Steel & Strips

7.            BPCL (Noida)

8.            Caryaire (Noida)

9.            Central Electricity Authority 

10.         Clinsys India ltd. (Jubilant)

11.         Club Mahindra (Munar, Kerela)

12.         Continental Engines

13.         CSIR

14.         Engineers India Ltd.

15.         Essar Steel

16.         Godrej (Malanpur) 

17.         HDFC Standard Life insurance

18.         Hewitt

19.         HFCL Infotel

20.         Hindustan Zinc Limited,  (Now with Sterlite Group)

21.         Holcim (Mumbai)

22.         ICFAI

23.         Idea Cellular

24.         IL & FS (Mumbai)

25.         Indian Oil Corporation Limited

26.         Jay Bharat Maruti ( A joint Venture of Maruti Udyog)

27.         MetLife (Mumbai)

28.         Mindas

29.         Moser Baer

30.         Motherson Sumi 

31.         Nitra 

32.         NSPCL (Rourkela)

33.         NTPC (PMI Noida, Badarpur, Kaniha, Singrauli, Vindhnagar, Rihand,) 

34.         Oriental Insurance

35.         Perot Systems

36.         Power Grid

37.         Quaker Chemicals (Kolkatta)  

38.         SAIL (New Delhi, Bhilai, Bokaro, Rourkela, Durgapur, Burnpur)

39.         Shriram Pistons

40.         Siemens (Gurgaon)

41.         Sona-Koya

42.         South Eastern Coalfields, Coal India (Bilaspur)

43.         Tata Indicom

44.         Ucal Fuels Ltd

45.         Radisson Hotels 

46.         Raptakos, Brett & Co. Ltd (Mumbai)

47.          Reliance Communications (Pune, Maharashtra, Gujrat)

48.     Paul Wurth India P Ltd

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