Services Offered :

A. Reiki Healing Sessions*: In case you have any physical problem/disease or any life situation (relationships, financial, promotions, marriage) that you want to recover from, you can contact us for reiki healing sessions

B. ‘Learn Reiki’ One Day Seminars* are conducted every Saturday/Sunday, but you will need to book yourself at least two days in advance (i.e. by 10 a.m. on Fridays) for the seminar coming up next. These seminars will enable you to heal yourself and others. Attending seminars entitle you to attend repeat seminars of the same level free from us anytime in your life.

Reiki has four levels of seminars:

  1. First level enables you to heal yourself and others through touch.
  2. Second level enables you to heal yourself and others through touch and distant (absent) healing i.e. you can heal others and life circumstances from distance.
  3. Third-A level enables you to heal yourself and others through touch and distant (absent) healing with eightfold power as compared to 2nd level.
  4. Third-B level entitles you to conduct independent seminars to initiate people into all levels of Reiki.

C. Reference service:  If you want us to help needy people in your area or around be referred to you, you may send particulars to us.

*(Reiki services are not given free)

If you want to know the basics about Reiki read on…

Excerpts from ‘Transform Your life with Reiki’

Imagine that you are a fish. You were born in the ocean, with water all around you. Never for a moment have you been without it.

One day, all of a sudden, you are ripped out of your environment. There is not a drop of water around you. What is your immediate reaction? What do you suddenly yearn for? Water, naturally! It is your nature to be in water always. You cannot live without it.

Now come back to reality. You are a human being, not a fish. You are not yearning for water, but you are very much yearning for something else--happiness. You have sought it all your life. Why? Not because you have unreasonable expectations, but because deep down it is in your intrinsic nature to be happy. You are happiness personified! There was a time when you were surrounded by bliss and happiness on every side, like a fish is surrounded by water. One day, all of a sudden, you were ripped out of your environment. There was no sign of happiness anywhere, only darkness and struggle. Happiness became a thing of the past, and before long you forgot your true nature altogether. You still have faint memories of your true nature, but your life has become a compromise: the occasional miserly bath in fleeting pleasure, instead of the ocean of happiness that used to be your home.

But there is a difference. In the case of the fish, she really was ripped out of the water; in your case, it has only been a bad dream. You are still in the ocean of happiness. To reclaim your natural habitat you need only to wake up.

And to wake up, you have only to start believing and expecting precisely what you want to see--the ocean of happiness!

Reiki is just the right vehicle for this journey, as it facilitates our route to the forgotten oneness of which we are already a part. It will transform your personality, your relationships, your emotional life, your professional life, your creativity and your sense of being unconditionally secure, cheerful and happy. Reiki ensures abundance in all aspects of your life: abundance of happiness, abundance of love for yourself and everyone else, abundance of wealth, abundance of success, abundance of creativity and abundance of gratitude.

In India we advise tourists, ‘Do not make the mistake of leaving India before seeing the Taj Mahal.’ And I feel like saying to everyone who happens to be a tourist on this planet, ‘If you have come to Earth and been granted this beautiful life with so many possibilities, do not make the mistake of leaving without experiencing the bliss of Reiki.’

All that is pleasant and beautiful flows naturally from Reiki. Life is not the same once you introduce yourself to this new way of living--everything starts to change for the better. The time line of your life divides clearly into pre-Reiki and post-Reiki. Desires either get fulfilled or drop away, and the mist over your purpose in life starts to clear. You begin making decisions that you have put off for years. A directionless life turns into a meaningful one, and you soon wonder how you were so fortunate as to have found the world of Reiki.

But unfortunately, the vast majority of people still opt to grapple with all kinds of problems using anything and everything but Reiki. Our concern should not be whether or not Reiki works, or how and why it works, but that so many people live on a planet blessed with the knowledge of Reiki yet go through their entire lives without hearing its name--or, if they do hear of Reiki, they disbelieve it and discard it before even trying it. They do not deem it important enough to be given a place in their lives.

Most energy healing systems take years of study and practice to be used effectively. Imagine a system so simple that an ordinary person who has never believed in the possibility of healing people just by the laying-on of hands becomes a healer on the same day of his or her attunement! Reiki is a holistic energy healing system with a difference-it promises less and provides more.

My own entry into Reiki came out of from sheer curiosity. I did not have very high expectations; I could not have imagined that my destiny was to become a Reiki master teacher myself. Over the last few years, I and Aruna, my wife, have watched Reiki transform not only our own lives but also those of our students and patients in profound and incredible ways.

I am only a beginner--and I would love always to feel like one (Reiki is like a mother to me, and sons never grow old to a mother)--but Reiki has already transformed my life. One change is that I have learnt to be happy irrespective of external situations. I can decide to be happy at any time, under any circumstances, and nothing can stop me. My health has improved considerably. I am much more confident in myself. The very nature of my goals in life has changed. Instead of thinking, ‘I will achieve this for myself,’ I set goals in terms of giving to others. I have come to trust myself. A sense that I am constantly being taken care of by the higher forces of the universe permeates every cell of my body. I almost never feel insecure, financially or otherwise. Like new-found wings, freedom has started growing on me. I recently gave up my safe, secure and comfortable job of twenty-one years’ standing (I still had seventeen years to go) to pursue things closer to my heart and fulfil the purpose I was born for--to learn, share and grow in Love and Truth.

Just the other day I heard someone say, ‘I have heard many Reiki masters and channels talk about Reiki, but I am eager to hear the views of an outsider--someone who is not deeply “into it” but has just seen or felt it working in his own life’. ##OK?## I told him it is actually difficult to find such people, as those who see Reiki working cannot keep themselves ‘outside’ Reiki much longer. They become insiders very soon. Paula Horan, the internationally renowned Reiki master who brought Reiki to India, was once a breast-cancer patient herself.

There is a plethora of books on Reiki in the market. Some are truly informative, and discuss the subject with deep sincerity. These books have been found quite useful by those who already practise Reiki or know they want to give it a try. But what about those who do not want to try Reiki simply because they are not convinced that the energy emitted by someone’s hands can heal?

There is an undercurrent of complacency in most of these books regarding the reader’s preparedness to accept the very concept of Reiki. This complacency is not difficult to understand; many Reiki masters believe that we cannot prepare anyone to accept something like Reiki before their destined time or against their wish. And to a large extent, I agree. But I also believe that countless people would not object to the idea of Reiki if they could only see the logic in it. And someone has to build a bridge between their world of ‘logic’ and the truth from which Reiki stems, so they can cross over to the other side and feel Reiki’s bliss.

Most books on Reiki also promote it as a ‘healing therapy’, which I believe belittles its scope. Calling Reiki a healing therapy may be a good way of letting people enter its world through the back door, but this is unjust to the spirit of Reiki. Reiki is a way of life and should be promoted as such--and that is the message and the spirit of this book.

The Secret Human Anatomy

In order to understand how Reiki brings us back to our true nature, we need to understand that the body we see in the mirror and identify ourselves with is merely the tip of the iceberg. Each of our bodies is surrounded by an ever-changing, egg-shaped dynamic energy system commonly known as the aura, and it is at this level--the invisible anatomy of the human energy field--that Reiki acts and carries out the process of healing.

For thousands of years we have seen pictures of great saints and holy men like Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak, Lord Budhha and Shirdi Sai Baba with haloes around their heads. Some images also show light rays emerging from their hands. As a child, I thought the depiction of a halo was just the artist’s way of showing respect; haloes have become so integral to pictures of saints and godmen that we take them for granted. Haloes were considered imaginary by most people, and especially by the scientific community, till around thirty years ago, when a Russian scientist named Seymon Kirlian invented Kirlian photography -- a process by which we can photograph the bioplasmic energy commonly known as the aura. The halo is simply the part of aura around the head.

Kirlian photography uses a high-frequency electrical current (from a generator that produces 75,000 to 200,000 oscillations per second) instead of light to expose a film. A Kirlian picture of a living body shows a corona around it. The advent of Kirlian photography not only generated new interest but also triggered serious scientific investigation into the world of auras. Ancient Eastern scriptures that had been gathering dust were taken off the shelves and given serious study. Scientific research with the assistance of clairvoyants has revealed a correlation between the observations of these gifted people and Kirlian photography, and thus validated most of the descriptions of auras given in our scriptures.

Reiki holds, and scientific research so far suggests, that all diseases first originate in the auric or energy body and get projected on to the physical plane in due time. The energy body comes into being before the physical body, and dissipates after the physical body’s death. If you cut a leaf, the bioplasmic field will continue to hold the shape and form of the complete leaf; it will take some time before assuming the truncated from. Similarly, patients whose limbs are amputated continue to feel the presence of their limbs long after the operation.

A healthy and clean aura therefore means a healthy body. Auras can also be diagnosed with the help of pendulums or with sensitized hands. In order to sensitize your hands, rub them briskly against each other, hold them about 20 inches apart and slowly move them towards each other. Try to feel the energy building up between them. (Closing your eyes might help you focus on the sensations.) In a few days’ time, you will develop a reasonable sensitivity in your hands. Ted Andrews, author of How to See Auras with the Naked Eye, prescribes an interesting exercise: stand behind someone at a distance just farther than that of your outstretched arms. Sway your body back and forth. Ask your partner to keep his body relaxed and loose. Ask a volunteer to observe the movements of your partner. You and the volunteer will find that your partner’s body also starts moving to and fro, following your own body. These movements originate in the push and pull you are giving to your partner’s energy field.

The Seven Koshas

The auric field is composed of seven layers, each one interpenetrating and extending out from the previous one.

The first layer intersperses the physical body and extends out of it by one-and-a-half to two inches. The first layer deals with the functioning of the physical body, including such physical sensations as pain, heat and cold. Our need on this level is to enjoy a healthy, vibrant body and the physical sensations associated with health. The colour of the aura on this level ranges from fine, thin light aqua blue for quiet and sensitive people to thick, coarse, deep bluish-gray for strong, robust people. The health of the first layer determines our potential for enjoying physical life.

The second layer represents our emotions with respect to ourselves. We need to love and accept ourselves as we are. Images for this layer range from vibrant, brightly coloured clouds (positive feelings) to dark, murky shades (negative feelings). These clouds of energy flow along the energy lines of the first layer. If you stop the flow of these feelings, you stop the flow of the clouds, and they become dark and sluggish. A stagnant second layer can impede the flow of the first and third layers.

The third layer represents logic and clarity, with which we think and desire to learn new things. The energy lines here are fine and thin, lemon yellow in colour and pulsate at a very high rate. A dull layer shows dullness of mind and disinclination to think. Negative thoughts correlate with slower pulsations of the field in this region and dark, distorted energy lines. An alert and agile mind keeps this layer healthy.

The fourth layer represents our feelings for the people we relate to. At this level, we need to love and be loved. This level is the bridge between our physical world (experienced through our first three layers) and the spiritual world (experienced through the next three). The energy here is thick and fluid, and it vibrates faster than the second layer. An unhealthy fourth layer is dark and heavy, with the consistency of mucus. The energy of the fourth layer flows between people as they interact; streams of of bioplasmic energy move out from your layer towards the other person’s field. These streams can be soft and rosy between lovers; dark, sticky and gray-green when one is jealous; high-peaked orange-red for one burning with passion; or dark-red and pointed when one is angry. We are born with cords connecting us with our parents, representing our relationships with our parents and determining the kinds of relationships we form with the men and women in our lives. Each new relationship develops more cords.

The fifth layer represents the divine will, and is associated with the power of words in the creative process. It is by accessing this layer that what we wish or say to ourselves comes true in the physical world. The need at this level is to be who we are, and to express that person to others. Those with an underdeveloped fifth layer have trouble keeping their lives in order; they cannot figure out their purpose in life. Those with a developed fifth layer are punctual, good planners and good executors of their plans. They have a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives, and have space and time for everything they need. The fifth level has grooves or slots for the bluish energy lines of the first layer. This kosha is the mould for the first kosha, as it creates the necessary negative space and contains all the shapes and forms that exist in the first kosha. This kosha extends one-and-a-half to two feet from the body.

The sixth layer represents divine love and ecstasy. Here are the feelings we experience when we fall in love with someone, get lost in the beauty of a landscape and so forth. Extending two to two-and-three-quarters feet from the body, the sixth kosha is a gold-silver halo of light. Our need at this level is for spiritual nourishment through experiences that make us feel lost in something -- we might feel connected to the stars, the trees, the ocean or everything out there in the universe -- thus giving us the experience of oneness. This is the level we experience in deep meditation. This level comprises streams of light of various colours, radiating in all directions at a high frequency. The beams may be straight or sagging, depending upon the health of this level.

The seventh layer represents the divine mind, and is made up of beautiful, high-frequency, bright golden energy lines. Extending three to three-and-a-half feet from the body, these golden lines form the matrix for all the physical components of our bodies. With a well developed seventh kosha, we start seeing and feeling the hidden divine perfection. A hidden purpose appears in every seemingly imperfect event or item around you, resulting in serenity of mind. At this level you hold your core beliefs, which may or may not be in harmony with the universal laws. All of our creative ideas flow from this level and give a sense of purpose to them. When the seventh kosha is underdeveloped, we might feel that everything is disconnected, random, chaotic and without purpose. When our beliefs are in disharmony with the divine laws, we are bound to experience diseases and upsets. This kosha holds the entire energy field together and protects it from harm.

The Seven Chakras

The aura is created and nourished by the energy brought in through chakras (chakra means ‘wheel’ or ‘vortex’ in Sanskrit), centres of nervous and cerebral energy that form the interface between the aura and the physical body. Though there are thousands of chakras throughout the human body, there are seven main energy vortices in the vicinity of their endocrine counterparts along the spine: mooladhara (the root chakra), svadhisthana (sexual chakra), manipura (solar-plexus chakra), anahata (heart chakra), vishudha (throat chakra), ajna (third-eye chakra) and, sahasrara (crown chakra). Their colour varies from violet at the crown chakra to red at the root chakra, just as in a rainbow. Each chakra has a different number of vortices (shown as petals of a flower in the ancient texts), and from mooladhara to sahasrara their numbers are 4, 6, 10, 12, 16, 96 and 972 respectively. Chakras are closely linked to the endocrine, nervous and circulatory systems, but they do not belong to the physical body and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Maxwell’s corkscrew rule of electromagnetism ##OK?## shows that if a right-handed corkscrew is imagined to be rotated so that the tip of the screw points in the direction of the current, the direction of the thumb’s rotation shows the direction of magnetic lines of force. The movement of our chakras follows the same rule. If you hold your four fingers around any of the chakras with your fingertips pointing clockwise (as an observer would see) then the thumb indicates an inward movement of the current. However, if you curl your fingers in such a way that their tips point anti-clockwise, the thumb will indicate the movement of current outwards. Thus, a chakra that rotates anti-clockwise is a ‘closed’ chakra--not conducive to the intake of energy.

Normally the chakras spin very fast, sucking the universal energy into our body. However, as we grow older we develop negative patterns of thinking and living that slow down of some or all of the chakras and sometimes even impede their direction, causing an energy imbalance that results in various diseases. You can feel the influence of the chakras with the help of a pendulum, as it will start rotating on its own under the influence of any of the chakras when brought near that chakra’s field.

Chakras are, again, the contact points where the manomaya kosha (mental body) integrates with and controls the pranamaya kosha (energy body). I lift my arm because the pranic energy from the pranamaya kosha follows a desire or thought from manomaya kosha. The thought is like a radio wave; the chakras are like antennae. From the chakras, thought waves are passed on to the nadis--our body’s electrical circuitry. For the waves to flow in the circuitry of nadis, they need the pranic energy from the pranamaya kosha, much as a radio is supplied by batteries or electricity. Finally, the processed thought waves get transformed into perceptible movement in my arm, just as radio waves get transformed into sound waves at the speaker.

In everyone other than yogis, chakras and nadis work involuntarily, with no conscious intervention from the person. Yogis can, if they so desire, consciously use these chakras like step-up transformers to increase the pranic flow in the nadis.

Each chakra emits energy according its own characteristics. For example, the heart chakra helps us to express feelings of love, while the throat chakra helps us to be creative and express ourselves effectively. When these chakras are not spinning at their optimal speed, their respective characteristics can be adversely affected. Similarly, a block or impediment to the root chakra, which relates to survival and procreation, can result in a tendency towards fear. Similarly the svadhisthana, manipura, ajna and sahasrara chakras relate to health, well-being and pleasure; spiritual and physical energy; intuition, paranormal or psychic powers; and self-realization, respectively. Trying to suppress or deny particular emotions freely often results in blocks in the corresponding chakras--so do not hide your emotions from yourself, even if you decide for some reason to hide them from others. Reiki, pranic healing and chakra meditation are some of the ways to keep your chakras in youthful condition.

The seven energy vortices are located along the spine as shown. The first is at the coccyx, the second at the level of our sexual organs, the third at the solar plexus, the fourth at the heart, the fifth at the throat, the sixth at the third eye and the seventh just above our head.

Within each energy vortex are seven more vortices, each designed to transfer energy to the corresponding kosha. The seventh and first chakras are at the ends of the main vertical power current, which flows up and down between them and along the spine. The rest of the chakras are bipolar, funnel-shaped vortices with tips at the vertical power current. From these tips, each chakra extends about an inch, widening to a diameter of about six inches.

The seventh chakra (violet or white) is associated with the pineal gland on the physical plane. Through this chakra we perceive spiritual guides and receive their guidance.

The sixth chakra (indigo) relates to the pituitary gland. This chakra gives us psychic perception and the ability to see the latent oneness.

The fifth chakra (light blue) corresponds to the thyroid and parathyroid glands, and is associated with communication, statement and creativity. When we find it difficult to express ourselves clearly or honestly, or to express our emotions at all, the throat chakra might need to be healed.

The fourth chakra (green) is associated with the heart and the thymus gland and is the most important chakra for healing purposes. Through this chakra, we give and receive love, creating and strengthening cords to those with whom we are emotionally involved--family members, lovers, friends and so forth. A blocked heart chakra leads to apprehensions that others do not support us. The fourth chakra channels energy to the heart, circulation system, thymus gland, vagus nerve and upper back.

The third chakra (yellow) is at the solar plexus, a man’s power or control center. Corresponding to the pancreas and liver, it is associated with digestion. It reflects a person’s will, personal power, authority, self-control and self-esteem. Issues related to alcoholism stem from a diseased solar-plexus chakra.

The second chakra (orange), or hara, corresponds to the spleen in men and the uterus in women. First impressions and nostalgic memories are stored here. Sexual attraction and creativity both stem from this chakra, and it is through this chakra that we receive and perceive others’ emotions and sexual feelings. A diseased hara can cause fertililty issues and relationshiop problems. In women, this is also called the lower heart chakra.

The root chakra (red), at the bottom of the spine, is associated with the adrenal glands. As the body’s survival center, it relates to issues of scarcity and abundance. A healthy root chakra supports a strong faith in life and will to live, and tunes us into the universe’s abundance of food, money, shelter and health. This is also the repository of familial (immediate and extended), educational, racial, social

The important thing to note here is that constant use of Reiki over time helps heal the malfunctioning chakras. Once they are healed and balanced, not only our health but our very life is healed and balanced, too. Hence, Reiki is more than just a therapeutic tool--it is a way of life.

Modern Medicine Is Missing the Point

Modern allopathic medicine considers disease to be the result of the external environment, chance unfortunate happenings, chemical imbalances or harmful eating habits. The focus is on the physical body only--the external sheath and its interaction with the physical world around it. The goal is to bring about chemical changes that provide relief, yet this relief is usually only temporary and even then is not without side effects.

The problem with this approach to health is that the micro-organisms that cause disease soon get acclimatized to the chemical scenario that follows the use of medicines and they adapt accordingly, resulting in a need for progressively more or stronger medication. This constantly shifting chemical scene starts affecting healthy organs as well as diseased ones--often with dangerous consequences. Often people die not because of their original disease but because of the havoc wreaked by unhindered use of medicines. The solution is not to discontinue the use of medicines but to discontinue our obsession with and unnecessary dependence on them. Many of us have lost trust in the healing powers of Nature and our own bodies; we consider medicines a panacea. Instead of interpreting a headache as a message from the body and trying to understand it, many of us reach for a tablet without a second thought.

Antibiotics have proved a boon in the fight against many serious infections and diseases, so they deserve our respect and acceptance; but where is the justification for prescribing them for a cold or the flu virus? Thanks to billion-dollar propaganda from pharmaceutical companies, almost every nation on Earth spends billions of dollars and other scarce resources every year--not on health but on mere temporary relief from already-present diseases. This is akin to watering the leaves instead of the roots. Our short-cuts are cutting us short. Nature, however, has not built any short-cuts to health; it wants us to constantly learn and grow. Short-cuts deprive us of the invaluable opportunity to learn and grow from experience, especially illness.

Once health is understood as a manifestation of our inner state, a lion's share of the investment that organizations spend on getting temporary relief for their employees shall instead be spent on strengthening their subtler selves: training in positive thinking, yoga, proper diet, effective breathing, meditation techniques and so forth. The individual will then take full responsibility for his health, a shift in attitude that will contain the unnecessary drain on our precious resources.

There is only one healing agency in this universe, and that is the healing energy of the universe. Therapies provide a catalytic environment, but healing always comes from the same source--and this is what Reiki is. More and more medical doctors are realizing this, and moving towards holistic solutions.

We are being ushered into a new era, and it is exciting indeed!

Reiki : a new mystery

What Is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese word made up of two roots Rei and Ki. Rei  means Universal or spiritual. Ki is the Japanese equivalent of prana in Sanskrit  which means life energy force.  In fact ki has equivalent words in almost all the ancient civilisations. Polynesian Hunas knew it as Mana and in Hebrew it was called Ruach. For Chinese it was Chi and Russian researchers called it Bioplasmic energy. It is the Ka of Egyptians and Baraka of Sufis. Greeks termed it as Pneuma and Native American Iroquois recognised it by the term Orenda. Rei combined with Ki in Japanese, however means universal life energy force or spiritual life energy force. Reiki, more commonly, is understood as a simple hands-on healing system of incomparable ease and efficacy. It can be used both for healing self as well as others. It was re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the late 19th century.

Reiki is the primal energy. Philosophers, thinkers and mystics since time immemorial have been teaching us that universe is not made up of things but of energy.  Modern Physicists have now validated this belief of the great minds of all times-- especially the ancient eastern mystics--that the myriad of forms the universe appears to be made up of are nothing but energy impulses impregnated with information and pulsating at different frequencies. Reiki, in fact, is the fundamental energy this universe is made up of. Reiki, therefore,  is everywhere and exists as everything. It is all pervasive, unknowable but yet can be experienced directly by anybody. 

Reiki is a journey. It is a journey that lets us retrace our steps through the blocks of forgetfulness that we created unintentionally to keep ourselves from painful experiences--and goes on dissolving them in the process. So in short it is a journey to rediscover our core essence through a re-integration of our being—dissolving of walls to let parts reunite once again to the wholeness and oneness they once belonged to.

Reiki energy is spiritual in nature and tends to correct any imbalances in the speed and direction of the spinning chakras. This correction results in correction in any energy imbalance caused in absorption and re-circulation of the cosmic energy within the human system leading to an all round physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. It calms the mind and strengthens the user’s life force. It connects us back to our very core essence. This re-establishment of connection with our core essence makes us realise that we indeed are unlimited; we have the power to manifest whatever we want for ourselves simply by intending so.

In fact, all human problems and diseases are the result of the illusion of separateness and rediscovering and connecting ourselves back to the one whole oneness is one obvious solution. The birth of Newtonian physics came in the wake of the ‘Cartesian’ concept (named after Rene’ Descartes) that divided the world into spirit and matter and was influenced by it.  Newtonian physics was therefore divisive in perception and gave us a mechanistic model of the world that dominated the scientific thought till the beginning of the 20th century.

If on one hand the Cartesian divisive world-view and Newtonian physics resulted in the development of classical physics and advancement in technology, it also broke down our wholesome attitude towards life to a fragmentary one, though only subconsciously. Inner fragmentation between mind’s will and body’s instincts mirrored itself externally in the rise of a man who saw fellow humans and earth solely with the eyes of an exploiter. This was the beginning of severing of man’s links with his very roots—the mother Earth.

The feeling of separateness makes us feel lonely and insecure and as a result we garner further illusions that world is less than perfect and we need to do something to transform it in order for it to take care of us better. Or else the search for security leads us to the greed for hoarding power and money. Greed breeds further more insecurity and fear--fear of either failure in our attempts or to achieve, or to maintain what we succeed in achieving i.e. money, power or social status or whatever we find is important to us. The means we employ in achieving all these often run contrary to our value system and guilt ensues. It is interesting to note here that for some their value system makes them feel guilty if they enjoy anything—money, luxuries, sex or whatever, forgetting that God or Truth is Himself a personification of joy, peace and bliss.  Overwhelmed with insecurity, greed, fear and guilt, life becomes too heavy to carry on with.

Reiki attunements re-establish one’s lost connection with the oneness that surrounds one in the multiplicity of forms. Attunements are mystic initiations or empowerments passed on by the Reiki Teacher to the initiate. Often those joining a Reiki seminar feel this re-establishment of the connection with the oneness which mirrors itself in their attitude towards other participants as the seminar progresses; they smile more at each other, they feel more love and more connected to each other. The feeling gets reinforced with each healing that they give to themselves or to others and finally becomes a part of their life. The same may happen to a patient who is receiving frequent Reiki healing sessions. 

Reiki is not given but drawn—and drawn in proportion of one’s subconscious intention, since it respects recipient’s freedom not only to believe or disbelieve something but also to choose the extent to which he or she would like to believe or disbelieve it. It is this very freedom that originally allowed us to decide to dissociate ourselves with the latent oneness and again it is the same freedom that allows us or to re-establish our lost connection with it, if we want to.

Reiki can only be used to heal i.e. for only noble and positive ends as it is nothing but unlimited and unconditional pure love-energy of the Latent Oneness for all that comprises it. This love energy is the greatest vibration available to mankind. One of the most interesting and curious things about Reiki is that there can be no mistakes in the use of Reiki as it has its own intelligence and needs the provider of the Reiki energy merely as its channel. As one uses Reiki regularly or more often, another curious thing is noticed in due course of time; it starts suggesting things to the channel through his or her intuition. Though it is impossible to use Reiki for causing anybody harm, it may often release suppressed negative emotions in terms of anger, depression etc. much against one’s expectations but it is only a part of the healing and is meant only for one’s growth. Reiki is not one’s own energy. It simply flows through channel’s body and hence the practitioner does not feel depleted or weak after a healing session.

The flow of Reiki is the result of intention of the channel to move Ki or prana in the body that is expressed by him simply through the placing of his hands on his or her body for the purpose of healing. Reiki energy enters from the crown chakra from a northern direction in the case of northern hemisphere and from the southern direction the southern hemisphere. It moves through the forehead and throat chakra down to heart chakra before flowing out in a counter clockwise helical path through the channel’s palms.

With regular use of Reiki, old emotional, mental and psychological blocks, that keep us from being in touch with our divinity, start dissolving and this also removes the possibility of new blocks coming into being. This dissolution of blocks also makes way for a progressively clearer, easy and active channel for more copious stream of Reiki energy to flow freely through the channel’s body. With regular use of Reiki, creativity finds new wings and divinity expresses itself in new harmonious ways. Lost balance within the body is re-established and body, mind and spirit, may be for the first time, begin to work in complete harmony. Joy replaces fear as our motivating force. One begins to remain calm, cheerful, and happy and stress-free irrespective of external happenings. With this kind of a mental and emotional state the body resistance goes up and not only it becomes virtually impossible for one to fall ill it makes one highly energetic, enthusiastic and joyful too.

The process of dissolution of blocks within also mirrors itself as dissolution of limitations without. People report ironing out of the negative patterns in their lives. For example, some people can easily identify a definite pattern of happenings in their lives. They may find that just before they are going to reap the benefits of their efforts something untoward happens and someone else snatches away what is their due. Similarly some may experience a negative pattern in their relationships; they fear loving people because soon after making a decision in tat direction, they come to know of the folly of their decision. All these patterns which we take as ill luck seem to begin dissolving with the dissolution of these blocks. It takes little time and courage for one to get in terms with these fundamental changes.

Reiki is too simple and too easy for one to believe it. One of the most difficult thing that I have encountered in my post-Reiki life is to make someone believe the truth that a thing as simple as Reiki could bring about such profound changes in one’s life. In fact so long as people do not try it they continue to have doubts, doubts and more doubts. Our rational mind and ego tend to come in the way of accepting the experiences of Reiki channels on the face value. We tend to think that we are more intelligent and more rational and those who report the miracles of reiki are too simplistic, gullible and lack scientific rational attitude towards life. We forget that if we believe only in what is adduced by today’s science, there can hardly be any progress in it. A shirt should be cut according to the body, not the body according to the shirt; our science should honestly incorporate all our observations, including those that look too irrational and then search for the underlying reasons. Not accepting an observation simply because it cannot be explained or understood by contemporary science is intellectual dishonesty and is against the spirit of true scientific inquiry.

Reiki may not be visible to the naked eye but is as real and verifiable as any other invisible energy is and hence does not your blind faith in it. Our strong bias and conditioning in favour of what is material or tangible makes us assume that Reiki is merely wishful thinking, self hypnosis, auto suggestion, a kind of hypnotherapy, faith healing, a placebo effect or merely a belief. Some think that we are all imagining it to be so and making it all up.  Reiki, for sure, is none of these. Reiki’s healing effects have been scientifically verified on plants and animals also and hence the question of it being explained in terms of wishful thinking, self-hypnosis, auto-suggestion, placebo effect and other such things does not arise. In fact Reiki does not need one’s belief or faith in it to be effective; it works irrespective of one’s faith in it. Reiki does not demand your blind faith in it but just the right attitude that is required towards anything you know little about. You may tell yourself, “It may work or it may not work. I do not know. Let me see what happens. However I am open to either of the possibility.” When you challenge Reiki by telling yourself, “It is unscientific. There is no reason for me to believe in it. I am sure it will not work. Let it prove otherwise to me”, you are not showing your loyalty to a scientific attitude, you are only revealing your bias against something before giving it a chance to prove itself to you. Such an attitude towards any exploration can hardly be called scientific. With a truly scientific temperament we do not tend to jump to conclusions and keep ourselves from being guided by our prejudices and biases. When you are open to the idea of getting healed through Reiki, you let Reiki prove itself it to you beyond any doubt and let your faith and trust in it flower on its own. Being open to an idea, needless to say, is obviously different from having a faith in something.

“When you already have a belief, there is no room for a new one unless you weaken the old belief first.”
--Richard Bandler

A beam of Reiki energy coming out of one’s palms is as real as electricity or magnetism and can even be photographed.  The difference in Kirlian photographs of a Reiki channel’s hands before and during a healing session leaves no scope for any doubts about its being real. Reproduced here is a photograph of  a Reiki Master’s hands before and after he started sending Reiki  (in this particular case distant Reiki was sent). A similar photograph has also been given in William Lee Rand’s book Moreover, both sender and receiver of Reiki feel its flow in terms of varied but unmistakable sensations associated with it. Though most of us feel the flow of Reiki in the first instance, a few may take more sessions to sensitise themselves to these sensations. In fact the effects of Reiki come irrespective of whether one is able to feel it or not.

There must be energy exchange for Reiki. Another difficult thing that I have encountered in my post-Reiki life is to make people believe that losing our hold on anything, for instance money, will only ensure its easy flow into our life. I have seen people struggling for months and sometimes even years to decide whether it would be right for them to spend money on learning something that is supposed to be spiritual in essence. And whether someone who is asking a fee could be a genuine teacher. For we have unconsciously nurtured a belief that a true teacher is one who is free from greed. Here the assumption is that if someone asks for money, especially for intangible things or services, he is definitely greedy because spiritual things are supposed to come free. They are supposed to come free because there are no takers for them and it is the taker who is doing a favour to the giver by agreeing to receive them from him or her. This is nothing but our arrogance, which we project on to the teacher as his greed.

There is no other energy healing that can match the safety, simplicity and ease of Reiki. There are many kinds of energy healing therapies prevalent since time immemorial. However, what sets Reiki apart from the rest is the fact that no other system of energy healing is as simple, effortless and easy as Reiki, both in acquiring as well as in practicing. Whereas other disciplines may take years of learning and practice, Reiki power can be acquired for ever through an attunement over a weekend. As mentioned earlier, Reiki uses attunements for empowering the initiate so that he or she could start healing himself and others within a day’s time (In fact the attunement process takes just ten to fifteen minutes only).

Reiki acts and heals at the very roots of the problem—the energy body. Reiki only steps up one’s inner healing potential and development. It does not heal the body or mind directly but only through the energy body. This is one reason Reiki works best when accompanied by healing at other levels too such as using a cleansing and energising diet, doing appropriate physical exercises, letting your bottled up feelings go, seeking to understand the hidden messages that the disease is trying to convey and to follow up this message with the needful change, mentally repeating powerful healing affirmations, visualising that you are getting cured and developing a positive attitude of gratitude and respect towards your body,

Reiki is neither provided, nor received through the conscious mind. Its effectiveness or efficiency does not depend on the conscious will or faith of the patient. It can neither be pushed out by the practitioner or pulled in by the patient’s body through conscious will. Still we can create conditions both as a practitioner and a patient to make it heal us more effectively. For example, a relaxing and peaceful environment, loose and comfortable clothes, a sense of complete trust and surrender to Reiki do facilitate a more effective flow of Reiki and hence may result in an effective healing process.

Reiki is growing popular at an exponential rate because of the high degree of success in healing that it promises and the ease and safety with which it can be learnt and practiced. It requires as a pre requisite absolutely no qualifications at all since it does not depend on the qualifications that can be learnt through a conscious mind. Though all over the world, people of all walks of life are learning and practicing it, its applications and uses are limited only by our own imagination and creativity. This is one reason it is being learnt by doctors, engineers, healing practitioners, masseurs, physical therapists, psychologists, students, house wives, executives, corporate leaders and people who are interested in personal growth and self realisation and by people who are simply curious.

What may keep people from giving their lives the gift of Reiki?

“If you believe only in what you see, then you are limited to what is on surface.”
—Wayne Dyer

The history of the world has seen that people are slow in accepting those truths that are beyond the human senses. What we cannot perceive through our senses we tend to disbelieve too. At an unconscious level we are heavily biased against intangibles. We continue to remain conditioned to believe in only those things that can be perceived through our senses. To do otherwise, is to accept our being uneducated or illogical. Our ego cannot afford to accept itself as uneducated and illogical. Logic means moving step by step from what we know to what we don’t know; each step naturally following from the preceding one. However, we often overlook the fact that logic can never be any better than the starting point—and the starting point that we take as an accepted fact or assumption is itself often not on a firm footing. However, history has proved time and again that every time we dare to transcend our prejudices and biases against the intangibles we make the humanity reach a new milestone in our evolution as a species. For example, the real revolution in the field of medicine came with the findings of Louis Pasteur as per which infection, putrefaction and disease were caused by some organisms which were too small to be visible with our naked eyes. Though people were slow to accept such a revolutionary concept when it surfaced but the paradigm shift Pasteur’s findings eventually brought about with them sparked off a chain of discoveries and inventions that were to totally transform the world of medicine.

Today, when science is fast catching up with timeless truths discovered by our rishis and sages we are on the verge of coming to know and believe (like the medical scientists of the Pasteur’s times who took time to come to terms with his findings) that diseases, accidents, misfortune, emotional pain, failures and misery in our lives are all the result of certain chain reactions which are triggered off by our own invisible impure thoughts and perceptions. And we can protect and fortify our destinies by pasteurising our thoughts, attitudes and behaviour through an inner integration of our being. Reiki, as mentioned earlier, is a journey towards this inner integration. However, we are still not free from our bias against the intangibles and need to transcend it before we can reach the next milestone in our evolution as a species.

At the root of this bias is our tendency to feel the need to first see something before believing it. We also tend to believe anything more readily if acknowledged and accepted by an authority or a person we hold in high esteem and faith. Only a few among us dare to hold beliefs which are contrary to the ones held by the majority of people at any particular time. We tend accept something more readily if it is already accepted by a large mass of people. For example, today we readily believe something if told that it is scientifically proven because we take science to be an authority we have faith in and a vast majority of people among us tend to hold beliefs that are supported by scientific findings.

Herman Gombiner had long ago arrived at the conclusion that modern man was as fanatic in his non-belief as ancient man had been in his faith.

-Isaac Bashevis Singer,

(Quoted in ‘The Secret Lives of Humans ‘by Stan Gooch)

For an aborigine to disbelieve what can be accomplished through a cell phone or a remote control device for a Television set is only too natural. He may even hesitate to consider such a possibility, not because he is less intelligent or backward than we are, but because he is yet to experience the working of such an instrument. Twenty years ago you too would have behaved like him with the same skepticism if you were to be asked to consider such a proposition.

In the late 1960s there were no takers for the patent of quartz watches because manufacturers were trying to look at what lay ahead of them in the future through the rear view mirror. For them it was difficult to believe that watches could work and in fact work better without the usual springs, gears and bearings. Obviously they were blinded by the success of their own perception of how watches should look like or how they should work. Their successful past was blocking their vision to the successful future. Japanese could however consider and dispel the clouds of doubt in their mind and decided to jump over to the sunny side of the trench, leaving the Swiss manufacturers within their own prison of arrogance and certainty that kept them even from considering the proposition that was eventually going to be a history very soon. Japan, the country that had almost no name in the field of watches in the world market till 1968, emerged as the new world leader, in manufacturing quartz watches and continues to be so even today. And Switzerland, the country that had been dominating the world market in watches for almost a hundred years till 1968, had to throw out 50,000 of their 65,000 workers from the watch industry.  In ten years time, Switzerland had come down to hold less than 10% of world market share in watches.

Modern medicine stands today at similar cross roads. Though an increasing number of people are realising this and opting for holistic solutions like Reiki, a vast majority of humanity is still stuck like the Swiss in their own arrogance and rigid views and is finding it difficult to believe that healing could work and in fact sometimes work better without the usual blood tests, scans and medicines. Obviously such people are blinded by the success of their own perception of how treatments should look like or how cures and therapies should work. Their successful past is clearly blocking their vision to the successful future.

Things that appear too obvious to us on the surface are not so when understood at a deeper level. Ironically the same science which tells us that we must base our search for truth only on the facts adduced by the senses also tells us that the senses themselves (and hence the observations, instruments and conclusions based on them) are imperfect, limited and unreliable. The spoon in a glass of water only appears to be bent because of refraction of light. It actually is not so. The telescopes, microscopes and other equipments can at best be mere extensions or aids to our senses which continue to remain what they are—imperfect, limited and prone to illusions. We look at a flower and tell ourselves that it is a red rose. Science tells us that the red colour that we see is neither in the rose nor in the light reflected by the rose. The red colour (or any other colour for that matter) actually exists only in our brain; colour is the result of the way our brain processes or interprets light of a particular wave length. Similarly what appears to be a solid thing to us is in fact mostly empty space. The earth we walk on appears to be flat, stationary, and densely solid and the sun appears to be revolving around it. But we all know today that none of these is true; the earth is neither densely solid nor stationary and flat. A major chunk of the atoms that earth is made up of is nothing but an empty space. The subatomic particles that move about in this empty space are proportionately as distant from each other as are the stars and planets from each other. So we can say that earth that is made up of such atoms is as empty a space, as is the intergalactic space. Apart from this, it is not stationary; it is both spinning about its tilted axis as well as revolving in its orbit around the sun at incredible speeds. However, but for the persevering efforts of a few courageous men like Galileo, Copernicus and Kepler, we would have still been carrying the same erroneous but more commonly held and more respectable beliefs and perceptions of that time. And had we been carrying on with these erroneous perceptions we would not have succeeded in managing manned landings on the moon. Satellites without which life seems to be almost impossible today too would have remained beyond human imagination.

“What is real is hidden from us, but what is false is revealed as true.” Yoga Vasishtha

Even what appear to us as universally accepted hard scientific facts undergo change because science is based on facts adduced by senses or extensions thereof and we already have seen that senses may delude us into believing what is not and disbelieving something what is. John Dalton declared in 1808 that atom is indivisible. However today we know that atoms could further be divided into electrons, protons and neutrons. Albert Einstein, in his Autobiographical Notes wrote  “Newton, forgive me. You found the only way that, in your day, was at all possible for a man of highest powers of intellect and creativity. The concepts that you created still dominate the way we think in Physics, although we now know that they must be replaced by others further removed from the sphere of immediate experience if we want to try for a more profound understanding of the way things are interrelated.”

Since there are people who can disbelieve Reiki, it only proves that any disbelief tells more about the person carrying it than what it is for. We disbelieve not what does not exist but what our current beliefs, perceptions and conditioning find too challenging or threatening to accept or even explore. We accept not what is truth, howsoever useful it may eventually turn out to be, but what is least challenging to our existing beliefs, howsoever limiting and stifling for our spirit it may be. Also, we use not what we have, but what we know, believe and remember that we have. Learning to use something regularly,  however , comes by habit or constant repetitions.

To be able to use something first you must come to know that you have it available with you. You will not be able to use the stapler if you have forgotten that you have got one with you or if you have misplaced it. …Many of our capabilities remain unused simply because we are not aware of their presence within.


Like any other truth Reiki does not need anybody to fight the case for it. Like sun it can survive the clouds of prejudices, bias, doubts and anything else that at best may only temporarily hide it from us. By its very nature, truth alone survives and the rest fails to stand the test of time. I have encountered (and sometimes even mentally or intuitively read what could not be openly shared by the listeners) lot of such clouds of doubts while teaching Reiki and while lecturing about it at a number of places in the last four years of my post-reiki life. I very strongly believe that the more doubts our understanding dispels before adopting something the stronger a foundation it gets to rest on. It is not with the idea of advocating a case for Reiki but for the reason of dispelling the doubts and dissolving the initial hesitation or inertia of a sincere seeker that may keep him from beginning his journey of rediscovering one’s own divinity that I decided to include this chapter in the book. I can, however, ensure such a seeker that he won’t need anybody to dispel his doubts once he begins his journey, for the journey itself will take care of his doubts as it has done so for me and for every other fellow seeker like me. My job is not to push or pull somebody against his will towards Reiki or anything else but to show him that beyond the clouds of doubts he may be having today in his mind awaits and shines a sun ready to transform his life for ever to the extent that he will scarcely believe that he could be so fortunate. Just take the first step and the rest will simply be history.  A very narrow trench lies between your clouds of doubts and the sun. What is left to be seen is whether you care to jump over to the sunny side or distrust your divinity and the fact that such a blissful state exists and stay back with your clouds?

Let me begin sharing and considering some of the possible doubts that might be keeping you from giving yourself the gift of Reiki.

Questions people ask about Reiki:

1.  Hard to believe.

People often find the claims and miracle cure stories hard to believe especially if what brings about the cure is not tangible or is difficult to be explained in terms of their understanding of science which usually is more influenced by concepts of Newtonian Physics. (The birth of Newtonian physics had come in the wake of the ‘Cartesian’ concept (named after Rene’ Descartes) that divided the world into spirit and matter and was influenced by it.  Newtonian physics was therefore divisive in perception and gave us a mechanistic model of the world that dominated the scientific thought till the beginning of the 20th century. Today most of the modern Physicists hold the view that the universe is not made up of matter but an energy field or consciousness that is experiencing itself. Various forms of matter are only denser forms of the same energy field pulsating at much lower frequencies as compared to what we accept as energy e.g. light, heat or magnetism.)

Right from our childhood we are conditioned to believe that nothing is too good or too easy in this world. We often say it is too good to believe or too simple to believe. As a result we tend to ignore anything that we find too easy or too good. Reiki, in fact is both. Hence the doubt and disbelief. However my personal experience is that Reiki may be too easy to carry out but is too effective only  if practiced. It is indeed not too effective without your commitment to follow its five principles,  and unless you give it your time more often and more regularly.

2. A money making gimmick or fraud.

We often take the world to be full of charlatans and frauds. However the fact is that the world is also full of honest, sincere, dedicated and committed people too. We often suspect people who offer services the effects of which are intangible or not physically measurable or  not immediately demonstrable even if such services are being offered free of charge. We suspect the ‘free’ label is only to lure, and money part will nevertheless be introduced very shrewdly at a later stage when it would be difficult or embarrassing or both to say ‘no’ to it. Charlatans normally have a common characteristic—they lure people with false promises.

A true Reiki teacher or channel, however,  never tries to convince you against your wishes. He only clarifies in case you have a doubt. He never makes promises, true or false. He never claims to have healed anybody and admits it openly that it is not he but Reiki that heals. He being merely a channel of Reiki and not a healer himself cannot guarantee any cure on its behalf except that whatever Reiki does is always in the best interest of everybody. He never chases you like an insurance agent. He may only make the information available to you about his availability as a teacher or a channel. He does not keep you in dark about the fee or energy exchange even at the cost of being misunderstood. He will not bring down the rates as a business gimmick to compete with other practitioners. A true Reiki practitioner or teacher has no competitors. He sees other practitioners as part of the same mission, sincerely respects them and may even recommend them if he himself is busy or if the one wanting Reiki lives nearby their area. A true Reiki master works with but never for money. His money may come through but not from you. He does not need to depend on anybody for money or to stoop low or to cheat somebody to get it because he is always assured of the fact that it will reach him anyhow. He is not only convinced but knows that abundance not scarcity is his very nature. He does not need to see money to believe that it has arrived in his bank account. He knows it works the other way round; he will see money in his bank account when he believes that it will. 

Charlatans exist in every field and Reiki too may not be any exception. They exist because they are needed. They have a purpose. Universe is perfect. All imperfections that we get to come across are a part of universe’s perfection. Some of us want to cheat ourselves, though only unconsciously, so the universe arranges charlatans and other necessary circumstances to facilitate what we want. After discovering the fraud, either we may look within and realise our mistake and learn the necessary lesson from it or choose to blame others or our luck and invite similar other frauds one after the other till we learn the necessary lesson eventually.  You will not encounter frauds if your intentions are pure. So check your purity of reason for going in for Reiki and check if the one you decide to learn Reiki or be treated behves like a true Reiki practitioner as mentioned above. If not you need to seek someone else who does abide by the attitude outlined as above.

Excepting one case I am yet hear about a Reiki practitioner who happened to be a fraud. It is rare but nevertheless the possibility cannot be ruled out. If you ever think you have reason to doubt, doubt the person not Reiki. However before doubting either Reiki or its practitioner do get conversant with the essentials of Reiki and the conditions under which it does not work and reasons why sometimes you may not feel it though it may actually be working. You should also be conversant with the fact that Reiki is not a substitute for professional medical advice especially in emergencies and in the case of serious terminal diseases. Reiki should be used only as a supplementary therapy in such cases.

Many people have a tendency to play safe. They would rather not lose what they have come to acquire (money) than exchange it for something howsoever valuable for their lives especially if it is not tangible. They do not realise money has no intrinsic value. Its value is only when it is used for acquiring what they need or want and that value is not determined by the prevailing exchange rate or their bank balance but by the value of what they exchange it for (what they buy with it). For example you purchase a vaccuum clear with Rs 5000 and do not get time to use it, you have turned Rs 5000 into a annual recurring loss of  Rs 500 (the worth of the space it is occupying at your home without giving anything in return for its price or for  the space it is occupying). On the other hand if you spend Rs 1000 in learning a healing art like yoga or Reiki and practice it for half an hour every day you would be turning the value of that Rs 1000 into many multiples of it—the value of obviating the trouble, pain and expenditure you would be incurring on a disease that might crop up for want of better care of your body.

Usually people feel satisfied with the exchange if they can see and touch what they have bought with it. “When I am giving you something that you can see and touch why should I accept something which I cannot touch and see in exchange", , so goes their hidden logic in their subconscious mind. They doubt anything and everything that is labeled spiritual especially if one needs to spend for it. They have a feeling that if they go out to learn yoga they are doing both Yoga and Yoga teacher a favour by agreeing to accept or approve them thereby. They never realise Yoga or Yoga teacher does not need their approval and could do without it and if they are learning something it is not to help anybody else but themselves.

3. Contradictory to their religion

Some people assume it to be a kind of religion following which, they think,  may be a reflection of their insincerity towards their own religion. I have come across cases where heads of religious sects have directed the followers not to use Reiki though without assigning any reasons. A person (let us call him Sumit) belonging to a particular religious sect inquired from me whether his problem of piles could be helped with Reiki. He further mentioned that he was reluctant because he was already following a particular religious sect. On my assuring him that Reiki is only an energy medicine and has got nothing to do with one's religious leanings. If at all it can only enhance what he is to gain from his own religious leanings without changing his beliefs. Having heard this from me Sumit informed me of his decision that he was going to learn it the coming weekend. A few months later I happened to meet him in a public meeting. Sumit thanked me for offering to advise him but said that though he did learnt reiki that week-end but was not pursuing it as the religious sect he belonged advised him against it. He further added that whether he stays alive or not but he cannot go against the sect. I did tell him that he was free to make any decision as this pertained to his life and affected no body else and I would not like to comment on it.  I am sure neither did he ask for the reason for such an advise nor the person who advised him felt the need to introspect for providing such an advice without caring to know what exactly he was advising against and why. I think a person who has such a deep commitment toward his sect as is exhibited by Sumit's remark ought to be given advice by his sect with a more responsible attitude.  Sumit and many other sincere religious minded people like him are daily being misguided against Reiki by sect leaders who have no knowledge about Reiki and who have nothing better but misperceptions, myths, biases, prejudices and preconceived notions (in some cases fear and insecurity also) to base their pieces of advise on.

In another case a lady who learnt reiki from us told that they (she with her husband) happened to visit a  religious guru who asked them to discontinue Reiki. They did so and now their guruji's prescription is giving some relief. I have come across many other cases also where people give up Reiki, start something else and claim that it is not Reiki but other mantras that they learnt later that pour out energy out through their hands. No wonder they go on getting some advantage because of the Reiki attunement and decide to give the credit for that to what they want to just as a fan may go on rotating even after it is switched off and we may hypothetically speaking, start giving the credit to something else than electricity. Such people treat life like they treat their television set. They usually end up watching nothing on the TV. With a remote in their hands they go on changing the channels apprehending that they may lose something better that may be happening elsewhere. They lack trust in their decisions and go on changing them. They lack patience to stick to something and play a long innings with it. They sow a seed and go on removing the soil every five minutes to check whether the seed is sprouting. Sometimes they go on seeking advice till they come across the person who gives them the advice they always wanted to hear. In the case of one of my college friends it used to be the advice to bunk the class as he won't understand anything in the class otherwise also and in their case it is the advice to discontinue Reiki, try something else-only to seek someone else a little later who could advice them against that as well and in favour of something else.

Reiki is simply a healing therapy involving spiritual energy, It is neither a religion, nor is against anything, be it religion, ‘ism’, sect or anything else. It is only for all that is in harmony with Nature and the Latent oneness and it can do so without having to be against anything. One does not need to change one's religious beliefs or life style to use Reiki. In fact, it may only enhance one's conviction in one's own religion. 

4.  A therapy having no scientific basis and a much inferior alternative to modern medicine. Let science prove it before I think of using it. It works. Whether you are going to get benefited by it does not depend on whether its scientific basis have been discovered or not. Even today we don’t know many things about light or electricity but we use them because they work. Reiki’s scientific basis have to be found out and shall be found out one day. But the eveidence that Reiki works is so commonplace today that scientific proof of its efficacy is immaterial. However, still scientific experiments are being conducted to verify its efficacy especially in the western world.

In an experiment conducted by Dr Janet Quinn significant enhancement in the immune function (CD4 to CD 8 ratio) was noticed in the recipients of Reiki healing. At Sonoma State University, in an experiment conducted by Wendy Weztel, blood samples taken before and after first degree attunements revealed an enhancement in haemoglobin and oxygen carrying capacity (haematocrit levels) and a lowering of undesirable factors in the blood such as cholestrol levels. Through another experiment it was proved that blood pressure of participants in a Reiki-I seminar tended towards normalisation i.e. those suffering from high blood pressure experienced a lowering in the blood pressure and vice versa. In California,  Dr Doniel Win of McGill University in Montreal, Canada, has discovered an acceleration in the healing process after the wounds on human bodies were subjected to 5 minutes of Reiki treatment. Similar experiments done with mice and plants have revealed improved healing of wounds and improved growth and enhanced production of Chlorophyll respectively.

Reiki, indeed is not an alternative to modern medicine and should not be promoted as such.(see A money making gimmick or fraud and Limitations of reiki).   It is a tool to harmonise physical and energy bodies.It acts at the causal level of diseases and hence must be used only to supplement professional medical help especially in the emergencies and serious illnesses. While modern medicine is disease oriented Reiki is health oriented and focuses on restoring and maintaining health instead of fighting diseases. It does not think of removing darkness. It just switches on the light and does not even consider darkness. So, its approach is definitely more positive and hence superior to that of modern medicine.

An open and scientific mind is humble; it does not challenge but accepts that it knows not everything – everything not even of whatever little it knows the best. Like the ceaseless flow of a river, it is not attached to any particular kind of terrain or truth. At any point of time, it is ready to check again and discard the most established scientific facts or to explore again and accept the most frowned upon superstitions of yesterday.  When, while flowing, water gets attached to the beauty of a particular flower on the banks, it loses its humility. Without the humility it loses the courage to move on. Without the courage to flow it just stagnates and rots.

5.  Healthy and happy enough to need any therapy. No one is healthy enough on this planet. Every one needs healing. Health and healing are ongoing processes. A perfectly healthy person does not need to take birth. The very fact  that someone has been born on this earth proves that he has certain definite lessons to learn. If you think that you are perfectly fine then probably you need to look within and ask whether you are living the life of your dream. Will you be happy at your death-bed that you lived the kind of life you are living now. Can you say with all humility and honesty that you won’t regret that you could have done more for others. You could have loved them more. You could have spent more time with them. You could have made a little more difference to those who were apparently less privilidged than you.

When I got my first spectacles made I realised what all I was missing. The world had suddenly become more vivid and clear. The same is the case with some of us who think that they are healthy enough to need any healing. Health is not the measurement of your biceps or an absence of any serious ailment. Health is your ability to feel the oneness underneath the apparent multiplicity of forms. It is your ability to identify and believe your dreams and live them too. See the definition of Health in the introduction. Be sure that if your alive your job is still not over—you have to love to learn and learn to love still more. Reiki will sure help you do this.

6. Busy enough to have time for it. I have better things to do. It is not enough to be busy. What is more important is to ask what is it that you are busy with. Whatever we do, we do to seek happiness or to avoid sorrow. We never do anything for anything different. Do you ever take a knife and lacerate your skin? No one does it unless he is abnormally ill. The mystery is that we all are seeking happiness and spending every moment of ours seeking it but most of us are still unhappy. Look at the four quadrants below and you will come to know why it is so. The reason is that we often tend to short circuit our route to happiness. For example when we smoke we tend  to focus merely on the  instant pleasure that we are deriving from it and not on the distant sorrow that we are inviting.

The perfect recipe of happiness is to spend maximum time of your each day (or life) in Quadrant I, more in II, least possible in III and avoid spending anytime in IV.  When you spend maximun time in QI you are ensuring that you are expanding the spectrum of those activities that are ultimately going to become enjoyable for you though they may appear to be a bit of ‘pain’ now. You cannot change the adverse effects of certain activities (the ones you feel drawn towards) on your life since you cannot change the laws of Nature but you can sure change your liking of a particular beneficial activity (that you feel repelled by)  by doing it more often so that your brain becomes more familiar with it and gradually starts liking it.  By doing so you are slowly shifting activities that you do not like to do but are beneficial for you (Q1) into those that provide both instant as well as distant  pleasure and are expanding  thereby your most desirable quadrant(QII).

Similarly whenever you spend time in Q3 start focusing on the distant  ill effects of it instead on the present pleasant sensations. Picturise how it is going to harm you and how it is dissolving your dreams and life goals mercilessly.

So now when you say you are busy do not forget to inquire which quadrant the activities you are busy with fall in. Ask yourself how much time of your day you spend in each of the quadrant of activities. Ensure that you spend most of your time in QI and QII, least in QIII and none in QIV. Know more about Reiki through this book and decide whether you are still too busy to have any time for it.

Instant Pleasure / Distant Pleasure
(Quadrant to be expanded)

  • Reiki
  • Showing that we love and care
  • Meditating
  • Soothing music
  • Learning about self/Improving our knowledge


  • Exercising
  • Learning
  • Responding negative behaviour with  positive one (Forgiving)
  • Eating fried, junk food
  • Taking revenge
  • Smoking, alcohol
  • Taking decisions based on short term gains
Instant Pain / Distant Pain
(Quadrant to be eliminated)
  • Misusing our power to hurt others
  • Letting loose our anger
  • Worrying about things that cannot be helped
  • Guilt without learning the lessons for future
  • Planning revenge

(Note: What may give one instant pleasure or instant pain may differ from person to person and therefore some of the activities which may fall in Q1 for some may fall in QII for others and vice versa. The IV Quadrant which  provides instant pain as well as distant pain is not contradictory to the basic premise that whatever we do we do for pleasure or happiness as often our responses are nothing but action replay of what we have unconsciously learnt from those who wrongly presume that by trying  these painful things they will get distant the hope of getting a distant pleasure. These responses stem from ego and not from our heart.)

7. Black magic, one should better stay away from (See What is Reiki)

  1. Too poor to afford it. (Please see the chapter on energy exchange) 
  2. Too rich to try such doubtful and inferior a therapy (Please see 4 above)

10. Can’t have patience with it. Too slow, both in doing as well as in results.

This is a common problem with most of us today. We seem to have lost the capacity to relax or to have patience. We want instant results. And this is one the reasons of widespread discontent and frustration all round.  As you bring Reiki from Q1 to QII you won’t regret that it is slow; you would want it to be even slower since you would have started enjoying and loving it. Like other good things in life that appear to be a pain to you now , you need to shift Reiki too to QII from QI. Once you do that you will wonder how could you be so fortunate that you took such a decision. Apart from that you will develop the ability to relax and be patient with everything. And once you do that you will start loving yourself more for that.  The results of Reiki healing are not always delayed . It depends among other factors also on the openness on the part of the healee to receive Reiki and to take responsibility for his ailment and give up all those habits or responses that got him the disease in the first place. Acute cases get healed very quickly whereas chronic ones do take longer treatments. However, in the case of chronic cases one often gets immediate relief in the very first few sessions but may need longer treatment spread over a number of sessions for full healing to take place.  Once you understand that healing is not only the responsibility of the healer but also that of the healee too, then the healing process gets accelerated. Reiki takes the time it should take for any heaaling to take place. Often healing takes a route much different from the healee’s expectations and this makes the healee think that probably the healing is not taking place at all. Reiki’s wisdom can not be challenged. It is far more wiser than we are. It knows what to heal first and what to take up later in the best interests of the healee. For example Reiki may decide to work and repair a particular organ first before attempting to take up the one that the  healee is more concerned about or has mainly come to get the healing for. It may start healing  even those diseases that have not even been diagnosed. It takes up a complete job like a sincere friend. It is not much concerned about pleasing us or for seeking approval from us. It does whatever is in the best interests of the healee. A man who wanted to give up smoking did not find much benefit. However he started developing interest in Tennis. In a few days he started playing very well. He developed an ambition to play even better which he was not able to for want of better stamina. The ambition grew so much that he decided to quit smoking finally. So trust the route Reiki is taking for bringing about the complete healing within you. I for one would prefer to have a sincere friend like Reiki than the one who is more concerned to please me instead of acting in the best interests of mine.

11. It is too boring. I am not the kind who can remain still doing nothing. I am too active a person to feel comfortable with it.  Try listening to your favourite music—the kind that is soothing—while you take or give your self Reiki treatment. Try doing it while watching Television or while talking to a friend. Also tell yourself that you deserve to relax and Reiki is a natural way to provide this relaxation. (Also read the previous point).

12. It could be a mere coincidence. Yes even if they are actually mere favourable coincidences and not the direct effect of Reiki, they still are brought out by Reiki (See the example of the person who wanted to give up smoking). People often encounter such favourable coincidences more often when they come in contact with Reiki. Reiki may bring about the best combination of coincidences to set your life right. However, if you apprehend this because you doubt the efficacy of Reiki please refer to 1 and 4 above.

13. It was something else that worked not Reiki! (Please refer to 3, 4, 12 and the chapter on Reiki Miracle stories)

14. I may tend to ignore something serious that may be needing professional medical help instead (Please see 2 above and the chapter on Limitations of Reiki)

15. May get enslaved of a sect. (See 3 above)

16. Hate guru worship

Reiki does not believe in Guru worship contrary to the tenets of many religious sects. Guru is one who has mastered his senses whereas the term Reiki Master is not used in that sense. It simply implies someone who has acquired the qualification to hold Reiki seminars and to conduct Reiki attunements. To be a Reiki Master does not entitle one to be worshipped. He is more like a friend who holds you on the same footing that he holds himself on and respects the fact that you are as divine as he is. Though this is what his attitude is I have personally found that to feel deep gratitude (which off course is different from worshipping or keeping him at a higher pedestal than you) for your Reiki Teacher does help in one’s progress in Reiki and spiritual unfoldment. However this is the feeling that came naturally to me and you are free to feel differently or as per the intuitive guidance that you may receive. But what one should definitely guard oneself against is to criticise him or to talk about him in derogatory terms. For that matter avoid criticising any bona fide Reiki Master not because he holds a special status but only because he represents the most sacred Reiki energy. 

17. Friends, relatives and colleagues may ridicule me. My family may not permit me to learn or receive it. 

I myself have relatives who I know may be ridiculing me at my back. I find it too natural on their part to do so and with all the humility at my command and with all the love and respect for them I cannot help but ignore what they feel about me or Reiki in this regard. In life, you always have two alternatives to choose from. You may deliberately decide to slow down your learning process and spiritual evolution so as to become one with the majority of people who decide to move at a languid pace with the masses for the fear of being ridiculed or you may as well decide to care the least for others who ridicule you and respect your own evolutionary needs and  move at your own pace without any hesitation. Every body is at a stage where he is supposed to be and can respond only from that as his unique frame of reference. Like you, me and all others, our relatives and friends too are moving towards the same goal just as all rivers are moving towards the same ocean; paths may be different and paths may be longer or shorter but the path for every river is just the perfect one for it.

18. It will interfere with the working out of my Karmas.

Nature’s purpose of introducing and maintaining Karmic principle in the universe  is not to seek revenge from anybody in a bid to maintain universal justice. Its sole aim is to provide learning in a bid to move souls through the spiritual evolution. The purpose of any disease or discomfort is to make us learn a particular lesson. Among our patients I have often seen miraculous recoveries from diseases, sometimes even from the ones that were supposed to be genetic, for those who on being counseled made a determined effort to identify and learn that lesson and sincerely integrated it in their lives. Nature does not seek to punish you; it only seeks to educate you. When you voluntarily offer to learn truly and completely what it wants to teach you, you obviate the necessity for that disease or discomfort to remain. It will serve no purpose there after and therefor leave you and seek the next student. Reiki healing is holistic and integrated. It seeks to teach you as well while healing your energy and physical body. It heals at the psychological or emotional level too where the lesson may need to be imparted. For example while healing an arthritic knee it is attempting to heal the patient at the psychological level too by releasing his fears that he needs to overcome. However, the patient needs to own his shortcomings and work on them internally in order to learn the necessary lessons voluntarily in order to accelerate the healing process. Reiki may facilitate but lessons are to be learnt voluntarily and with an open mind by the patient himself. Reiki cannot learn the lessons on his behalf just as a teacher can facilitate the learning process for the student but the teacher cannot learn them as well on his behalf. The lessons, obviously, are to be imbibed by the student on his own. You do not work out your Karma by merely going through hardships only; you work them out—and work them out better—by voluntarily offering to learn the intended lessons. So, in this respect, Reiki does not interfere but only facilitate the working out of Karmas.

19. I fear losing my personality.

No it will only fine tune your personality to bring out the best in you—and the best in you is the real you.

20. Such powers come from only demons or Satan and I would not like to party with them to play against God.  May be, there are serious side effects not known yet.

Such powers were exhibited by Jesus Christ and Buddha too. And sure they were not demons or representatives of Satan. Let me ask you a question. How are you going to identify the real Christ if Satan were to come along with him in his guise? Satan can copy everything that Jesus or Holy people can. The only thing it cannot do is that it cannot fill your heart with love and beauty, charge your mind with peace and contentment and regain the purity and bliss for your soul. The quality of a seed is known by the kind of tree it becomes and the quality of a tree is known by the quality of fruits it bears. If you ever find yourself in doubt about the truth or spirituality of anything, see its effects on you. A good way of checking about the originality of a rose is to check the response of the honeybees. Honeybees never hover around over an artificial rose how so ever exquisitely imitated. Similarly ask yourself if you feel a pull for it within your heart?  Be sure you address your question to your heart and to your mind or ego; they may have very artificial or cosmetic reasons for feeling the pull towards anything. Many of us cannot even distinguish between the two. A good clue is to focus on your heart chakra while you address this question to your emotional self. You sure will feel the pull within your heart if as its effects you find your heart getting filled with love and beauty; your mind experiencing peace and contentment and your soul regaining its purity and bliss—the effects which only God or His representative alone can bring about in you! These effects indeed may be seen within you as a result of practicing Reiki for some time and indeed can be taken as its serious side effects but are of course not unknown; they are timeless and already known. An artificially created new drug may be having side effects that may come up as an unpleasant surprise later but the side effects of things holy in nature are never unknown or unpredictable in any age. As you sow so shall you reap is eternally true like any other law of Nature. Satan or unholy agencies never hesitate in harming others or taking revenge but like God or a true representative of His, Reiki cannot be used for harming anybody. It is pure and unconditional love of God and can only bring love, harmony, abundance, beauty, contentment and peace wherever and whenever used.

21. You are all imagining it. It is merely a belief, an auto-suggestion, a self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy, faith-healing, placebo effect

It is not any of these for sure. (See What is Reiki).

22. Material things can be influenced only with material things. It is too irrational and non-sensical a thing to believe otherwise. I can understand chemicals in the medicine acting upon those of the body to bring about the change but how can matter or chemicals be influenced or changed simply by the imaginary energy coming out through the placement of someone’s hands. Disease is a chemical state of the body which I bet will continue to remain as such unless acted upon by a medicine or surgery do whatever you may.

Material things or chemicals are only a form of energy pulsating at a particular frequency of vibration which happens to be slower than those of  heat, light or electricity. Matter is only a secondary manifestation of the fundamental energy that this Universe is made up of  and that is the reason why energy can not only affect matter that is what we see it happening all around us also every day. Electricity is energy. It acts upon countless equipment and heavy machinery all around the world and make them work. Sunlight when focused upon a piece of paper through a convex lens can burn it. Through the invisible energy waves emanating from a remote we can influence a distant equipment like a Television set to bring about the desired changes. With the thought energy, our bodies can undergo change. For example the hair on our skin can stand out or we may start sweating if we entertain thoughts of extreme fear. Our physical body undergoes so many complex changes both internally as well as externally during all the stages of a sexual intercourse that cannot take place without the influence of thought energy. So it is not irrational to think that energy can influence matter. It is not only rational but only too obvious to believe that. Chemical changes too need not always come only through the interaction of chemicals alone. They can also be brought about by the influence of energy waves acting upon chemicals. Light waves reflected by an object strike the chemically treated photographic plate in the camera to bring about the subtle chemical changes in it. the changes become visible when we develop the film through a chemical process. Electrolysis is a chemical process brought about by passing electricity through an electrolyte. Photosynthesis is a food making process brought about in the green leaves of the plants through the absorption of sunlight by the pigment called chlorophyll in the food making cells of the leaves. Plants use light energy to combine carbon dioxide and water to produce sugar and other chemicals. The Reiki energy that comes out of a Reiki channel’s hands is, however, not imaginary. The sender as well as the receiver can feel it both. It has been photographed through Kirlian photography any number of times. Its healing effects have been confirmed by scientists in controlled conditions. (See 4 above). Disease does not take place at one level only though it may indeed be perceived as a particular state of body chemistry at he physical level.  Disease first originates at the level of the energy body and then gradually gets manifested on the physical level just as the impressions received are invisible and dormant on the photographic plate after we click the camera but come to the surface when the film is developed. Clairvoyants, who can see your energy body with the naked eyes, or those who can read the Kirlian photograph of your body may correctly indicate the diseases you may already be consciously aware of or the ones that you are carrying in the dormant state in the energy body but which are going to manifest on the physical plane at a later stage.

23. I tried it. It didn’t work. Reiki is transmitted on its own to wherever it is required in the recipient’s body from the hands of the Reiki channel. Unlike hypnosis, auto-suggestion, placebo effect or faith healing Reiki is not a psychological phenomenon. Reiki flows from the hands even if the channel may not believe in it. Similarly even in the case of a receiver Reiki may keep flowing into his body wherever required in spite of his disbelief except in a rare case wherein his real intention is not to explore it but to disprove it. For some belief in their disbelief is too precious to them and something like Reiki may threaten the very collapse of the very edifice of their beliefs. Such people may unbeknownst to them create a strong enough mental or emotional block to impede the flow of Reiki, if not to fully stop it. This is because Reiki is pure love and love cannot exist without the sense of freedom at its foundation. Reiki’s love gives the disbelievers not only their freedom to disbelieve it but a person-specific reason for the same too. Reiki does not demand your blind faith in it but just the right attitude that is required towards anything you are only beginning to know about. So check if you were open enough to the idea that the phenomenon of Reiki may actually be real.

Sometimes, Reiki is not felt though it may actually be working and bringing about the required  healing work within the body. See the reasons for the same towards the end of the chapter on Attunements. Similarly Reiki may often take a healing route which may be quite different from the expected route or the one we think is the most favourable one for us but the unquestionable wisdom of Reiki that always works in our best interests may have other plans for us. (Also see 10 above).

24. On the contrary the pain became worse. Thanks I decided to turn to my own doctor for help in time.

Aggravation of symptoms is quite a common phenomenon in Reiki and though unpleasant it is a favourable sign indicating that your body is responding to Reiki.  It is known as healing crisis or physical chemicalisation. The symptoms of aggravation however dissipate very quickly with further treatment in the next two to three sessions.  The absence of aggravation, however does not mean the opposite. It is just that different people respond differently. This happens because a large amount of energy is being drawn at that time which seem to be bringing the toxins together to be dealt with. This can best be understood with an analogy of cleaning a used ink bottle which you propose to clean for using it for some other purpose. As you pour water in it and flush out, the water that comes out is extremely dirty. The ink is still dirty. The second time you fill and flush out the water, it may still be dirty but not as much as it was in the first instance. You may go on repeating the process till you get the same quality of water you poured in it. Reiki acts upon the body and brings to the surface the accumulated toxins and then sweeps them out. One experiences signs of aggravation of symptoms when it brings the toxins to the surface which of course dissipate with continued treatment when Reiki sets to sweep them out.

The aggravation may repeat itself after a few weeks in the cases of chronic cases that often need several sessions that may spread over many weeks, when Reiki gets down to begin the second cycle of cleansing. Like the cleansing process of an ink bottle a person may need several cycles. The aggravation of symptoms, however,  gets less and less severe with every new cycle. The last cycles are the most difficult as what Reiki is attempting to drive out during that time are the most stubborn blocks or toxins.

Patients should be told by the practitioner in advance about the possibility of aggravation in symptoms so that they take it in the right spirit when it takes place. Do not forget to make it clear to them that aggravation does not take place in every case. They may not experience it at all. Armed with this understanding they will keep themselves from imagining it even if t is not taking place.

Pain or discomfort may even be reported by those who had no symptoms prior to taking the treatment. This happens because Reiki may act upon and start attempting to heal the disease that may hitherto be lying dormant in the energy body and might not have manifested itself on the physical plane as yet (See 21 above). Reiki often accelerates the  healing energy when it encounters some ailment within the body and this is what that is experienced as pain or discomfort.

25. I am already on medication that I am not supposed to discontinue

Reiki can be combined with any therapy such as allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy ayurveda, acupressure, shiatsu or rolfing . Reiki does not ask you to stop any ongoing medication or treatment pertaining to other therapies. As Reiki raises one’s life force energy it will only accelerate the healing process and make the medication even more effective.

26. Frankly speaking, I am too unspiritual a person and the last one to possibly acquire such a thing. It sure won’t work for me.

Reiki works for every body provided he is alive. It does not depend upon your opinion, images or ideas about your being spiritual, intelligent, deserving or not. Each one of us is divine having the same physical and spiritual anatomy. It does not depend upon your previous experiences or your notions about your learning abilities. Making you acquire is the job of Reiki energy and it accomplishes that without fail through your Reiki Master. All that you need to do to let this happen is not to resist and not  to wish against it. There has never been a case of an unsuccessful attunement (See the chapter on Attunements). Once you are attuned, reiki works and works always in your best interests provided you use it. The more you use it the more it will work for you.

27. Sorry, I don’t believe in superstitions. See 1,2,4,7,21 and 22 above.

28. I do not have the required faith. See 1,2,4, 20, 22 and 26 above.

29. I do not have the knack for such things. See 26 above.

30. How could you heal me without diagnosing?

Reiki is holistic healing. It does not need to diagnose.  All diseases take place because of some kind of imbalance in the body. Imbalance in any part of the body affects the rest of the body too. No part of the body can function on its own in isolation. It influenced and gets influenced by every other part of the body. All parts of the body are interconnected and interdependent. In most of the cases, especially the chronic ones suppressed inflammations may be lying in dormant stages in many other parts of the body even if a particular disease has been diagnosed. This happens because of interconnectedness and interdependence the diagnosed disease has already adversely affected several other parts of the body to different extents. This is why a Reiki practitioner begins with a full body treatment whatever the ailment may be, at least in the first four sessions and preferably in the later sessions too. However during these sessions he may get to know which organs are drawing more energy or get to know which organs need more of Reiki and may decide to spend more time on such organs or parts of the body. However when time does not permit and problem is minor and known in a Reiki practitioner may think of attending to specific parts or organs. Diagnosis if done already may only confirm Reiki practitioner’s own findings in terms of the excessive intake of Reiki energy by the patient in those very areas.. However, it is wise not to get dissuaded by it and if possible it is always better to attend to full body always and spend more time on areas drawing more energy. For it may be best to follow Reiki’s wisdom that may decide to heal other areas first that may be the underlying cause of the diagnosed disease.

31. I suspect something fishy. I wonder why the master asks people to close the eyes during attunement. Why the secrets of attunement cannot be shared if everything is upfront?

Since you are going to be initiated into reiki only once in your lifetime it is better to feel the great harmonising processes taking place within you during the attunements. Keeping your eyes closed helps you in doing precisely the same. It also allows you to feel the gratitude for being given this great gift to yourself—a state which is desirable for one to be in during the attunement process. Attunements are conducted by the Master alone and do not need any active participation of the one being attuned except for cooperating with and letting the master do his work with full concentration. Keeping your open or half open or trying to steal a glimpse of what the master is doing may only distract him and keep you from feeling what is happening within you or to remain in a state of deep gratitude. Moreover, even if you are able to see what the master is doing you will not be able to understand it at all and it may unnecessarily keep you guessing the effects of each of his movements. Keeping your eyes closed helps both you and the master to discharge your respective roles appropriately. (Also see why attunement process is kept a secret in the chapter on Attunements).

32. I cannot bring about the drastic changes that may be required to try out this.

Reiki does not demand any drastic changes in your life style. However, during the 21 days after any attunement you are indeed supposed to abstain from tea, coffee, non vegetarian food, eggs, smoking and alcohol because it hampers and puts an unnecessary strain on the body when it is undergoing a thorough cleansing operation otherwise.  You are also supposed to give self-healing to all the points in the body during each of the consecutive 21 days, without missing it on any of these days. In case you miss you may have to begin all over again for another set of 21 days. It is best to get up early during these 21 days and be through with this necessity instead of leaving it for later part of the day which may keep you busy otherwise responsibility. Evenings are often unpredictable and you may necessitate you to attend to guests or to go out. (See attunements). Having been attuned for Reiki-I, one can start healing oneself and others from the very first day though it is desired that the focus should be on completing the first 21 days with the regimen of daily full body self-healing without missing a single day. One may resume one’s normal life style after 21 days and need not change anything in one’s life style except for setting apart some time for giving self healing or healing to others as per one’s own convenience.

33. My friend tried it. May be, it worked initially. He, however, does not feel any charge in his hands now. He has already discontinued with it. The charge seemingly does not last long. Reiki attunements are irreversible and once acquired cannot be lost even if you do not happen to use for decades. Your friend definitely mis perceived it. Not feeling the charge does not mean Reiki is not flowing. Reiki is not given it is drawn by the healee in proportion of his openness or need at that particular part where it is being given. One often does not experience charge or the flow of Reiki. There could be many different reasons which are mentioned in the chapter of Attunement.

34. I may lose Reiki power for want of discipline. See 25, 27,28, 30 and  31

35. I would not like to remove my clothes. I also would not like the practitioner to touch my body especially a person of opposite sex. Moreover I have a plaster on my hands so the treatment will not be possible otherwise also.

Reiki does not need you to remove clothes at all. I think a few among us got this misperception because of the sketches in some of the books that display human body in nude. Such sketches have been used in some of the books only to facilitate the reader to understand the Reiki hand positions clearly and the books often provide a note to this effect somewhere in the beginning or at the end. If you do not want the practitioner to touch you anywhere you may say so to him and he will keep his hands an inch above from your body. However if the practitioner is advanced (Reiki II or above) he may provide you with distant healing wherein it is not necessary for you to be even physically present though it is advisable that at least for the first four sessions you be physically present to receive it. Reiki practitioners are themselves very conscious and even if not told to do so , take care as a matter of practice that they keep their hands an inch or so away while giving Reiki on or near breasts or on your private parts.Reiki can pass through clothes--woolens or otherwise casts, plasters, blankets, wood, steel and hence Reiki is possible and may hasten the process  of healing in parts covered with cast.

36. Let more evidence speak for it. It is too new to be tried. I fear I may get myself into other kinds of problems.

See 1,2,4, 20 and  21

37. Mine is a chronic disease—may be too big for Reiki to be of any help.

Any chronic disease, which means a disease that is old enough can definitely be helped. Normally such patients are already undergoing  a treatment from a qualified medical practitioner and Reiki may accelerate the healing releasing blocks and toxins from the body. The time it may take to fully cure depends on how old the disease is, how committed and open you are to the healing and how detached you are to the results even after doing all that you are supposed to do as a good patient. Acute diseases on the other hand are of recent origin and of higher intensity. It is always better to see a qualified physician first and in case the pain is really acute and intolerable or there is emergency the person should be rushed to a hospital where professional medical help could be provided. Reiki may not always result in quick healing as it often fixes problems holistically which may take time.

38. The fellow claimed big things that obviously he could not prove them. The fellow could not prove them, may be because Reiki was not interested in proving them to you against your wishes. Reiki respects your freedom to disbelieve it and may not like to do it if it does not find you open or wanting to prove things otherwise. See 22 above.

However beware of those who guarantee you big things; it is contrary to the spirit of Reiki healing. Either such people are too immature or they are charlatans. A true Reiki practitioner is truly humble and does not make any such claims. He never claims anything as the healing comes through Reiki and therefore Reiki alone knows whether or not what the patient is expecting will match what is going to happen. Reiki brings about whatever is in the best interest of the patient, irrespective of person’s personal expectations. Most of us tend to believe that something worked for them only when it works the way they expected it. A true Reiki practitioner is not out to promote Reiki as he does not see the need for that. I know sometimes it is difficult to see people suffering and trying this and trying that but still not giving them a chance with Reiki, which you feel, could surely have helped. Yes it is indeed difficult, more so when they are close to you and you care for them. However you must understand that suggesting Reiki persistently to people who may not yet be ready for it may only build resistance in them to opt for it and delay their eventual acceptance of it. Don’t let your concern for others become the very reason for them to shun Reiki. At such times after suggesting them to try Reiki once or twice, either leave them to themselves or give healing to your own  intention of seeing them getting better with or without Reiki, if they are too close to be left to themselves. I have also tried praying sincerely and that works. Someone very close to me was skeptical of Reiki and ignored my suggestion to try Reiki. I then decided to give Reiki to my visualisation that he has agreed to go into Reiki’s shelter. And precisely that is what that happened a few days later. He inquired where could he learn it from. Not only it helped him immensely today he is a Reiki Master (IIIA).

Those who guarantee big things apart from causing a great deal of misunderstanding bring bad name to Reiki too. The famous saying is it is better to have an intelligent foe than to have a foolish friend and is quite true for Reiki. If you cannot befriend Reiki you won’t be harming Reiki much but if you decide to befriend Reiki without using your wisdom you sure will be doing a great disservice to it.  The practitioner has a responsibility to let the patient see the efficacy of Reiki himself for Reiki is too sacred a thing to be made a propaganda of. Refuse to accept patients who demand guarantee from you. However do so with politeness not arrogance. Explain to them politely that why you cannot guarantee them results. Asking for guarantee often shows a general sense of distrust towards everything and may actually be one of the attitudinal reasons for their being not healthy. Paradoxically the best results come when both the healer as well the healee are detached from the results. I often tell the patients that by asking guarantee they will be interfering with the efficacy of Reiki. Our body carries on with its work in a perfect manner of digesting whatever we eat only because we tend to forget what is going to happen to it once it is down our throat. Suppose you have someone who tends to ask his stomach and other related organs to guarantee him proper digestion and keeps doubting whether each organ would really be working the way it should after having mouthed a slice of apple. Could you guess whether he would be able to digest it or not? Sure he would be making the job of his digestion system extremely difficult if not impossible. Make it very clear to your patients that you can guarantee only your sincerity and commitment for that is all in your hands. Some people often ask if you have ever treated any patient with the same disease. At this point clarify that it is not you who heals but Reiki. .And even if someone has been cured through you in the past , it in no way guarantees that the person inquiring this will also receive the same results. Healing demands commitment not only on the part of the healer but also that on the part of the healee. The commitment to detach him from results and tolook within and  work on himself to identify and learn the lesson(s) his disease might be trying to teach him.

39. I am bothered about health. Reiki may be spiritual but can it help me improve my health or at least reduce my weight?

Spirituality and health are not divorced from each other. Etymologically, the word ‘ to heal’, in fact, has evolved from the phrase ‘to make something whole and complete’. To be spiritually healthy one needs to be physically healthy and vice versa. Health means regaining your wholeness or completeness. You cannot be whole or complete without regaining your connection with your forgotten reality that is essentially spiritual in nature. We are not human bodies with a spirit within each. We are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary physical body. Often the muscular ruffians who are spiritually impoverished seem to contradict the above understanding but they do develop serious diseases which you may not be able to see behind the façade of rippling muscles. I myself happened to be quite impressed with one such person, who of course was otherwise a respectable man socially. I was shocked one day, however,  when he offered to show his palm for being read. I could see many diseases and hesitatingly after telling some positive traits of his hands I advised him to be little careful about his health as I was seeing the possibility of his being afflicted with …(I named a few of the diseases that I had read). To my utter surprise instead of getting angry he admitted that he already had all of them and he took out a test report from his pocket which he had received that very day and showed it to me. Though I am not disclosing the names of the diseases as a mark of my respect for his privacy least he may get identified by them but I can share it with you that like me no one could have guessed the inner state of his physical health seeing his seemingly robust body.

No wonder, we often get to hear much to the surprise of everybody about seemingly robust people collapsing abruptly without a warning like a termite ridden big banyan tree.

Reiki can indeed help you to become physically healthy and also to lose weight provided you understand all the essentials of Reiki outlined in this book and commit yourself to them in the right spirit.One essential for you would be to not to mind getting spiritually healthier too along the way.

40. I am interested in spiritual growth not health. (See 39 above).

41. If it is really so effective why is it not so popular?

Reiki’s popularity or lack of it is in fact a comment on people’s attitude and not on itself. History is a witness to the fact for anything that has become a well tried well accepted boon for us people had doubts and only more doubts in its initial stages. And doubts started vanishing gradually as people started trying it out. With Reiki too anyone can have doubts and only doubts till one tries it for himself. You cannot let even sun come into your room unless you believe that sun is out there and make an effort to open the window to let it in.

We tend to be skeptical about things that cannot be perceived directly by our senses; a few years ago we would have doubted the possibility of a `remote’ with which we could operate our television sets from some distance, with the help of invisible waves emitting out of it.

Most of our behaviour is learnt from others. When we see others spending on something then only we manage to justify it to us. At least in our country, people have only begun spending for our spiritual-self and the number is increasing day by day. When it comes to spending money, howsoever small an amount it may be, people often do not go by the written word. Reiki is therefore spreading more by the word of mouth than by the printed word. And such things do take time in making a person prepare his mind for the same.  

Knowing, believing and remembering to use are three essentials for one to begin using a thing.

Some of us may not have heard of Reiki. We normally do not attract anything into our lives till we are prepared for it and feel a need for it. For this reason we do not get to hear anything about it that may inspire us to draw it to us or us to it till such time. So if you are occupied in life grappling with other things that appear important to you Nature does not feel like throwing something valuable in front of you unnecessarily because you otherwise also have little value for it. the very fact that you are reading this book shows that at a conscious, unconscious or karmic level you were desiring it and preparing yourself for it. paradoxically some people have a close brush with Reiki. They learn it or get them treated once or more and decide to pull out. These are the cases where they were desiring it for superficial reasons without preparing them to pay the price for it in terms of commitment. In other words their desire was not intense enough. Reiki obviously comes in to their lives in proportion to their intensity of desire.

Some of us may know about Reiki but do not believe it. We may continue to believe something (that the world is made up of matter and hence matter alone can affect matter) without caring to know, to believe or to see that it is not true and scientific understanding about it has changed long time back. This may keep us from believing and tapping the new opportunities coming as a result of the latest knowledge (See 1, 2 and 4). In fact we are conditioned heavily in favour of the tangible. We tend to disbelieve most of the things that cannot be seen even though they could be felt. For us today the way we are brought up in the modern society it is easier to see than to feel. We tend to doubt anything that sounds too good or too simple. We often say, “It sounds too good and too simple to be true”..Reiki cannot take away people’s right to disbelieve it. (See 36 above and what is Reiki)

Some of us may know and believe it but do not remember to acquire and use it. We tend to remember things only when we consider them too important for us. For most of us nothing else is important except a secure, easy and certain predictable life with very smooth and slow changes which means maximum money and health with little or no responsibility to change ourselves. We expect all the things in life to change in our favour without our caring to make the slightest necessary change in ourselves. In other words we want to have things in our lives without having to pay the price for them.

We resist change and thinking about new ways of doing things until doing so  becomes inevitable. We do not change ourselves unless the circumstances compel us to change. If we can do without a change howsoever beneficial it may be, we usually opt for doing without it

A new horizon of possibilities, however, is opening up for all those who are ready to know, believe and remember to learn Reiki and then use it constantly.

Everyday, all over the world, millions of people are coming under the umbrella of Reiki bringing about a silent revolution in their personal, familial and professional lives enriching themselves with all round physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, improved creativity and intuition, better relationships, deep sense of security and an increasing trust in the meaning and sense of purpose in life.

42. Can somebody give me a live demonstration.

Ask a few of those who have tried it. Reiki may, however, not do anything dramatic in a short span of ten to fifteen minutes, especially if you are not open or receptive to it. What Reiki may do for you also depends on how receptive you are to it. By this I do not mean you need to have blind faith in it. Being open simply means not having a blind faith or blind belief in your disbelief ( See 22,31, 35 and the chapters on ‘ What is Reiki‘ and ‘Attunements’)

43. I am too lazy to keep to it.

Check your goals. Check your expectations from life. Check your dreams. You have all of them—you only do not believe that you can fulfil them or fear not being able to fulfil them. So subconsciously you have set much smaller and insignificant goals for your life much below the level of your potential and much below and different from the purpose you were born for. Laziness does not come as a result of lack of energy. It comes from lack of belief in oneself. And lack of belief comes as a result of lack of self- knowledge. Lack of self-knowledge comes when we start making a concerted effort to search for our lost spiritual identity. Reiki can help you in this reintegration. Just make a beginning and you will see door after door getting opened for you to usher you into a world beyond your wildest of dreams. God is only waiting you to say a big ‘Yes’ with all your heart, nothing else. The moment you definitely commit yourself, then Providence shall move too. Know this to be an infallible truth. All sorts of things shall start happening to help you on your path—things you would not have imagined to take place otherwise. So whatever your goals, expectations and dreams are start believing them and start doing whatever you think you can do. This commitment and this courage have indomitable power in it that certainly can make mountains move.

“When I look back, usually I am sorry for the things I didn’t do rather than for the things I shouldn’t have done.”—Malcolm Forbes

“In each and every moment, we have the freedom to choose, and every choice determines the direction of our lives.”—Olivia Hoblitzelles

(Also see 5,6,10, 11,  17, 26 & 32 above)

45. Infection does need antibiotics.

Yes, you may feel relief much faster with it but avoid indiscriminate and excessive use of it. If you are not too uncomfortable let Reiki heal you or at least support the medication prescribed by the qualified medical professional.

46. Never thought of it. (See 5,6,30,34)

47. I have better alternatives

Yes there could be many paths and Reiki surely is not the only path. However , do check the conviction of your statement with your heart. Does it come from your ego or does it come from your heart? If it is not from your heart you may need to review your belief with your heart. If you are deeply satisfied with your all round growth with what you are following then I can only congratulate you. May be you need to carry on with it with full concentration and single-mindedness. And if that is really so please do write to me. I will be too eager to learn about it. Till today I have tried many self-transformation tools and could not find anything more effective or easier than Reiki.

48. Warmth is natural to human body. What has Reiki got to do with it? And what has warmth got to do with curing ailments. I would rather use a warm water bottle if warmth could be of help.

No, no, no…you are getting it all wrong. Reiki is not just body warmth. Warmth is only a sensation, Reiki energy is often experienced as. For that matter Reiki is sometimes experienced even as ice cold water pouring in. Moreover the warmth experienced with Reiki is unmistakably different—it often gets too hot to be accepted or confused with body warmth. Try placing someone else’s hands (who is not a reiki channel) at the same place where the patient is experiencing warmth under a Reiki channel’s hand and let him tell you if it feels just the same.  I often let participants in my seminars feel their hands on various parts of the body before and after the attunements and see the difference themselves.  It is not the warmth that heals. Warmth is only  one among the many other sensations associated with Reiki. Yes had it been merely the warmth, of course, your suggestion of warm water bottle would have been a beter alternative. See the chapter on Interpreting different kind of sensations while giving Reiki. Also see 4 and 22 also.

49. A friend of mine who happens to be a Reiki Master openly admits that so far he has never cured anybody.

By saying so all that he is conveying is the fact that it is not he but Reiki that heals anybody. He is merely a channel. He is not saying that no one has ever get cured or benefited by Reiki. ( Also see 2 above).

3.    Effects of Reiki

Reiki works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels by restoring the lost balance. It can also heal events beyond time and space for it can transcend both time and space. It also heals one’s Karmas. Diseases first originate in the energy body and it has been found that Reiki heals any rips and tears in it and strengthens it. It heals at the causal level of the disease and eliminates the effect thereby. Clairvoyants who can see auras have confirmed that they can detect a marked difference in the quality and strength of the aura in any participant before and after any attunement.

Reiki soothes pain, hastens the healing process, stops bleeding if not too profuse, relaxes and rejuvenates the receiver’s body, balances the recipient’s chakras and energy body as well as his left and right hemispheres of the brain. Breathing rate, heart rate and pulse rate everything slows down bringing deep and complete relaxation to the recipient. I have often seen the recipients dozing off to a deep slumber during Reiki sessions.

People often report developing psychic abilities and a flowering of intuition. Though Reiki affects different people differently according to their needs, common effects of Reiki are as given below:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Releases toxins
  • Dissolves blockages
  • Supplies healing energy
  • Steps up the vibrational frequency of the body

Possibilities with Reiki

  • Reiki enhances one’s ability to respond to life situations more appropriately without being stressful. The ability to keep one’s cool and cheerfulness irrespective of external circumstances shall lead to growing self-confidence and trust in the underlying Latent Oneness. One starts becoming more and  more ‘awake’ instead of ‘sleep walking’ through life. Lessons meant to be taught by life situations are grasped with relative ease obviating the necessity for harsher route to learn them.
  • Reiki can transform life situations, transcend time to affect both past and future and can therefore heal past karmas and future events.
  • Reiki can help manifest your desires or intentions if in harmony with the common good of all.
  • Reiki can be used to heal environment and mother earth. For example, scientists and we all can use it to heal ozone layer. It can be used to heal inanimate objects and gadgets to function better and for long.
  • It can be used in the industries for better production, safe and harmonious operations, improved, synergised and cohesive teamwork, improved customer relations, locating better resources, improved creativity, less wastes and for stepping up sales.
  • It can be used for developing intuition which in turn can be used for finding creative solutions and for inventing and improving new gadgets.
  • Above all it can be used to make earth a cleaner, greener, loving, peaceful and blissful place to live on.

Advantages of Reiki

  • Reiki helps body eliminate harmful micro-organisms before they can adversely affect one’s health. Dormant and forgotten capabilities start surfacing. One starts getting more and more creative. Learning process gets accelerated and intuitive insights for new applications of what one has learnt may surprise the one who practices it.
  • Reiki retards the aging process (Follow up regular full body Reiki with extra time on your weak organs and positions A1, A2, A5, B1 to maintain youth) and improves mental potential and alertness. It also re-establishes the lost imbalance in the body. It develops trust in life and a sense of being secure and protected by the Latent Oneness.
  • Reiki helps in providing for the energy lost because of the healing process carried out through other therapies. It helps eliminate many of the side and after effects of allopathic treatment such as chemotherapy . After any surgical operation body needs to cope with the readjustment process and badly needs energy to grow new tissues or to combat germs etc. Regular Reiki full body treatment may provide all this energy and hasten the recuperating process. It shall also mitigate any physical pain.
  • The signs of scars if treated with Reiki after the operation also get dissolved with Reiki. (For this apply Reiki locally at the scars and on Reiki positions A6, B1 & B6 as often and for as long as is possible. Best results come if treated early and often do not come for scars older than 2 years).
  • The intake is controlled as per the needs of the healee and hence is completely safe. Reiki however has its own innate intelligence that directs its own flow as per the needs of the receiver. For example, if you are treating somebody with a headache which stems from problem relating to digestion, Reiki will direct itself to the healee’s digestive system even though your hands may still be on the head. If the pain stems from a different level altogether Reiki may guide itself there too and heal, for example, at the appropriate level (Kosha) of the energy body (See the chapter on Koshas). In case Reiki finds some other problem else where in the body which the healee does not know about or has not communicated to the healer Reiki may heal that as well depending upon the necessity and time given to Reiki to do just that. Whereas modern medicine tends to heal only the physical body, Reiki attempts to heal at all levels of one’s being in a holistic manner. Reiki facilitates the return of the body to its own perfection.
  • Simple, quick and easy to learn and use.
  • Does not need one to be spiritual or to perform physical exercises, yogic postures, breathing techniques, drastic changes in one’s life style or meditation, though one may do any or all of these things if one wants to.
  • Can be done any where and anytime. Does not need any special place, equipment or a rug to perform it. All you need is a pair of hands and an intention to give yourself or others Reiki in order to get healed or to grow personally.  One can do Reiki on self while waiting at a shop, airport, Railway station, while commuting, while talking on phone or in person to others, while watching Television, while your boss is going through a file or interrupted by a phone call and you can do it sitting, lying or standing.
  • Though external factors and symptoms may take time to change, a sense of trust that one is progressing towards ultimate wholeness  and a sense of well being sets in immediately sometimes even after the first healing. The well being is soon confirmed by clinical reports as well as they indicate a beginning of reversal of disease pathology.
  • Reiki attunements last a life-time and may be beyond that.
  • Can be used to heal pets, plants, infants, children, yourself and others.
  • Can be combined with any other bona fide therapy (see Doubt no.25  and the chapter on combining reiki with other methods)
  • It  protects the practitioner from taking on the disease of the patient.
  • The practitioner too receives the healing while he gives it to the healee unlike other therapies where the practitoner may feel drained after the treatment.
  • Though it may not adopt the expected route to recovery and health, nevertheless it always works. It has been found that people who do not get cured of their ailments are those who decide not to carry on with the treatment either because they find it not bringing about the results the way they had expected or wanted.
  • Immediate great benefits can result for some even with one Reiki session. Reiki is a boon to modern man allowing him to have better control of his health. Reiki cannot replace modern medicine but it often manages to do what the latter cannot accomplish that too with relative ease and without much discomfort and expenditure, often bringing all round growth in one’s personal growth as a very positive side-effect.

Limitations of Reiki

  • It depends on the receptivity of the healee towards Reiki. If the healee is not receptive or open to Reiki he may not be able to draw Reiki in desirable amounts and may not be helped quickly. People often close themselves to Reiki or universal life energy force and in such a case Reiki cannot flow into and benefit the healee. One may unconsciously close oneself to Reiki because of feeling oneself to be guilty of being too sinful, unspiritual or evil. When you are subconsciously or consciously convinced that you deserve illness because of your sins you tend to close all doors to recovery or recuperation.
  • Though no one consciously or knowingly wants to be ill but at a subconscious level, one may see and recognise the benefits of being ill as it may absolve one of some responsibilties that one does not want to shoulder or it may enable one to draw attention, affection, sympathy and love from others that may be more important for one than being healthy. In such cases Reiki may not be  that effective as Reiki respects one’s right to decide to be ill and does not interfere with it.
  • Reiki cannot be a substitute for direct life experiences for learning the necessary lessons for self-growth.  One needs to watch one’s responses moment to moment to develop sensitivity and help oneself grow personally.
  • Serious illnesses or emergencies requiring immediate relief, profuse bleeding etc. should better be dealt with immediately by providing professional medical help.
10. How to become a Reiki channel

Anyone can become a Reiki channel over a week-end. There are no prereqisites—one does not need any preparations, skills or qualifications. As mentioned earlier also, once acquired the power of Reiki can never be lost even if not put to use for decades.

The only way to acquire Reiki is to get initiation from a bona fide Reiki  Master. Reiki is not achieved ; it is acquired. It cannot be self taught through reading books, doing physical or breathing exercises or  meditating.

One needs to make a decision and  simply look for the nearest Reiki-master in or around one’s locality and gather more information about it and find out whether he/she can book one for his/her next seminar.

In case you are interested in getting yourself treated by him/her first before you would like to learn it you can take appointment for the same as well.

11. Finding a genuine Reiki master

Those who are serious among you must be wary of the fact that Reiki is unfortunately becoming a generic term. People are adding all kinds of prefixes to Reiki. Apart from that there is a fear of falling into the trap of the one who is not a genuine Reiki Master. Only recently my wife received a phone call inquiring whether we give guarantee of empowerment through our attunements. My wife inquired why was she asking this as no one has ever doubted the efficacy of attunements and we have never come across anybody who could not feel Reiki after being attuned by us (or for that matter by any other bona fide Reiki teacher). To this she replied that her daughter even after six months of her attunement has failed to feel the charge in her hands. When my wife advised that she may report the same to her teacher, who may in turn invite her to attend the seminar again or else re-attune her (though the re-attunements are never necessary, they can be given without any harm), she replied that the teacher is evading her and moreover she was not given any certificate after the seminar. This is the first ever time I have heard of such a case and it obviously pained me.  I suspect there may be a few more like the above lady’s daughter who may be getting cheated by charlatans, every single day. Till that time I had been telling every one that I was yet to discover a charlatan in Reiki and that I respect all Reiki masters. I still would like to respect any Reiki Master, provided he or she is really one. My respect will still be due to him or her otherwise also—for each one of us is the manifestation of the same sacred Oneness that deserves our respect. But in spite of this unconditional respect, I for one would not like you to learn Reiki from one who is not qualified to teach Reiki. A teacher is known, to some extent by his or her students and hence one must inquire from the students of the master they are planning to go to.

In the above case, had this girl inquired from others who were supposedly attuned by the so called Reiki Master, she would have come to know of the mistake she was going to commit. It is worth finding out the lineage of your would be Master carefully for only pure Reiki preserved by a succession of bona fide Reiki Masters gives the phenomenal results we expect from it.

In fact I do not believe in criticising the cheater teachers because cheaters will not stop coming into being just because of my criticising them. Universe is perfect and every thing in it is perfect. Charlatans exist because they are needed. And they will continue to exist till there are people who need them. The solution does not lie in trying to ensure that they do not come into being; it lies in seeing that the need for them ceases to exist. I strongly believe that one gets the teacher one deserves. Cheaters and charlatans exist in this world because many among us want to be cheated without consciously being aware of that.  Many among us want to be given false unconditional promises,  subconsciously knowing well deep within that we cannot fulfill any conditions of a conditional promise; we want to acquire something without working for it. We want to acquire anything the easier way—a way, even if it may not exist actually. Since we still would like to believe that such a way might exist we may indeed get someone to make us believe that it exists. Reiki may be too simple and easy to learn but it has to be practiced to bring the results it is meant for. Similarly though it is good to believe that we deserve ease, happiness and bliss in life but it would only be a folly to believe that something or someone else can take total responsibility for us. We get what we give. 

In the garb of a teacher, what we often are looking for is someone who could tell us how great we are or how great we were in our past lives. And we get precisely the same kind of a teacher—someone who was looking for students who did not mind not being taught but would readily pay him just for flattering them. Such students and teachers are made for each other and they do find each other. Some of us instead of transforming our lives spiritually with Reiki are more interested in gathering labels very quickly and get precisely the same kind of teacher. God sends them teacher(s) who may give them the first two degrees on the same day—and if possible in the same breath. And sooner than they realise they have all the degrees they were aspiring for but have little with which they can help themselves or others—I mean Reiki. It is better to learn merely Reiki-I and regularly practice it than to become a non-practicing Reiki Master. Some are not sure whether learning Reiki could be worth so much money and would like to play safe by looking for a teacher who would charge them pea nuts, so that if at all they lose, they lose lesser money. And they get precisely the same kind of a teacher. They do lose money but lose lesser money only to realise what they were expecting to realise—that it is really not worth even that much money.

There are so many kinds of masters because there are so many kinds of students. So look deep within for your real intention and be ruthlessly honest about it. The first step towards ensuring that you get the genuine teacher is to ensure that your intentions are genuine, devoid of any desire for ego gratification, of any doubt about the preciousness of Reiki and hence of any hesitation for giving the price it may ask you of. Check if what you are looking for is not the labels but spiritual content of Reiki. Check if you are prepared to be patient enough to let the spiritual unfoldment of your being take its own time. Check if you have intention and  time to commit to Reiki. Ask yourself how much time will you spare and in which slot of the day. It is futile to learn Reiki if you do not have time for it. I do not have ready statistics but I can tell you that more than 90 per cent of people who learn Reiki-I give it up within the first three months itself.  Some are not able to complete the 21 days schedule after attunements.  Among the 10 percent who do not give up Reiki in the first three months, only less than two percent people practice Reiki everyday even though there could be hardly anything easier than Reiki to practice in this world. Much before learning Reiki, yoga, meditation or Pranayam what one should learn and ensure is whether one is hungry enough for it. Do not have the food be served to you if you do not have the appetite for it. You will lose interest after the first few morsels. Ask yourself if you have been able to learn anything after your childhood days on your own which you have been doing every day without fail. It is indeed difficult to learn a new thing but much more difficult than that is to practice it everyday. Do not learn Reiki because it is in vogue or for a change or because others are doing it or because you have heard that it is very effective. Reiki is effective only  if practiced. It is indeed  ineffective without your commitment. No false hopes please! Ask yourself what is it that you intend to learn Reiki for. Let your intentions and reasons be very clear to you. Reiki is often done with money but should never be done for money. A Reiki Master with pure intentions may be charging fee for healing sessions and attunement seminars but his/her deepest intention is to heal oneself at all levels of one’s being and thereby grow spiritually and on all fronts of life and enable others to do just the same. If your reasons do not appear to be genuine to you please wait till they become so, otherwise you will land up with a Reiki Master who could not wait till he could become a genuine one.

Reiki attunements are sacred and secret ceremonies that let the Reiki healing power from a bona fide Reiki Master Teacher be passed on to the student.  And it is only through a pure spiritual lineage of Reiki Teachers that the power to attune others has come down to us and we must use our discretion and responsibility to let it remain pure.

Once you are sure that your intentions have transcended petty reasons for learning Reiki, you have done the major part of selecting the right master for yourself. However you may still want to know how to identify a genuine master for yourself. Here are some characteristics of a genuine Reiki Master Teacher.

A genuine Reiki master

  • will not bargain for the fee to rope you in but may in rare circumstances bring down the rates on his/her own discretion.
  • shows love and respect towards other Reiki Masters and does not appear to be in competition with them. Will not mind referring you to a Reiki master nearby your place.
  • involves himself in healings too, apart from conducting seminars for attunements.
  • issues signed certificates to the participants on completion of the seminar.
  • Knows about his lineage that goes back to bona fied teachers and tells about his masters with love and respect, without any hesitation.
  • To make a decision
  • Visit one or two of your prospective master’s seminar purely as a guest. Do you feel the pull towards him? If, yes he is probably the one meant for you.
  • Sit relaxed. Take a few deep breaths. Try to feel with your heart. Do you feel easy and comfortable to accept him/her as your master?
  • Ask yourself, “Do you feel peaceful and comfortable in his/her presence? A yes answer to the above questions indicates that you can say yes to him.
  • Ask yourself if you could genuinely respect the master you are thinking of. This is important because how much you learn from him shall depend upon the extent of your surrender and trust in him.. If the bond of love and respect between you is weak you may even discontinue the training or carry on with it only half-heartedly which obviously will deprive you of important lessons and subtler learning points.

It is quite perfect for each one of us to be imperfect, for our imperfections are part of universe’s perfection. Hence, do not expect your master be perfect in all respects. It is more important for you to accept your master as a human being even if you happen to find some slight imperfections in his personality. Remember, he too is on his spiritual journey like you.


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