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International Appreciation for Anil Bhatnagar's work:

"If by some twist of fate you found yourself on a desert island or shut in a room for a year and could only have one book, a good choice would be "Water the Roots" by Anil Bhatnagar. The author's spiritual and intellectual discipline shines through from every topic he tackles and he invites you to join him in that discipline."

--Ira Chaleff, Founder and President of 'Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates',
Washington, DC USA, and author of 'The Courageous Follower'

I have just finished your book, Transform Your Life with Reiki", well, not finished it, I will be dipping into the book forevermore, it is the best, most inspirational book I have owned.

--Anna Goncalves, South Africa

"Anil Bhatnagar's passion and expertise shine through on every page (Water The Roots) . This well-organized and entertaining collection of timeless techniques and helpful hints will have you engaging in enlightened communication well before you finish the last chapter.

--Tom Gegax, Founder and ex-CEO of Tires Plus, USA and author of

'Winning in the Game of Life' and "The Big Book of Small Business: You Don't Have to Run Your Business by The Seat of Your Pants", From Harper Collins 

I have in front of me your book "Transform your life with Reiki" that I bought yesterday and I am delighted. I have been interested in Reiki for some time now and I did not know where to turn for lessons. You describe the aura and the chakras so well, Do you give training in that area too?

--Colette Ngoya, Arusha, Tanzania 

Anil Bhatnagar's book, 'Transform Your Life with reiki' is an absolute must for anyone of those looking to channel reiki on themselves, family, friends or clients. The book covers the history of reiki, the aura, reiki hand positions, emotional roots of disease and affirmations that can be used".

---Frances Harris, Reiki Practitioner, United Kingdom 

"Anil Bhatnagar has done it again in Success 24 x 7. The legacy Anil will leave is the sound, practical, and ingeniously simple prescription for success in life that he graciously and lovingly offers to us. I now have a mini-library of Anil's works that grace my office credenza and this latest book is purposely in the very center."

--William Cottringer, Ph.D, President, Puget Sound Security, Business Success Coach, Sport Psychologist, photographer, and Author of "You Can Have Your Cheese & Eat It Too" (EE Publishing), The Bow-Wow Secrets’, ‘Passwords To The Prosperity Zone’, and Doing What Matters Most.


My wife bought your book ,''Transform your life with reiki". Excellent book. My congratulations!.

--- Ajay Puri, Executive Director, Mitsubishi JV, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I read your book "Transform you life with Reiki"(Penguin publications, .I really appreciate the rational approach followed to present the facts about Reiki and depth reached in pursuit of understanding the principles and purpose of Reiki.

--Devaraj, Bangalore, India 

I accidentally purchased your book and found the book to be extremely informative. You could call it an encyclopedia of Reiki I suppose. In fact I have recommended this book to many of my friends who are in to Reiki and some have already purchased copies of the book.

--Rizana Jamaldeen, Sri Lanka 

May I take this opportunity to congratulate you to have written so well a book on Reiki. I have just gone through your book “Transform Your Life Through Reiki". It is a very inspiring and wonderful book.

--Usha (Kitty) Bhargava, India 

"Success 24 x 7' is a seminal work decoding the subtle spiritual principles that when practiced correctly manifest themselves in the world as true all round success. Success 24 X 7, indeed is Anil's precious gift to his readers."

--Ira Chaleff, Founder and President of 'Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates', Washington, DC USA, and author of 'The Courageous Follower' 

Kudos to you for writing such an amazing and enlightening book. I read the whole book on my way back to Canada. No amount of sleep would make me take my eyes from it.

Samridhi Agrawal, Canada 

"I read your book 'How to Transform your life with Reiki' and found it as one of the best books I ever read in Reiki. You have written in so clear and simple (language) that anyone can easily understand".  (italics added)

Veena Sanjay, Dubai

Prominent personalities like Deepak Chopra, Anil Bhatnagar, Professor S.K.Chakravarty, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Ravishankarji Maharaj, Suresh Pandit, and Swami Someswarananda etc. are on their toes to spread the wisdom of Indian ethos to the Indian community for the development of Spiritual Business world.

Dr Ajay Vyas


·         Anil Bhatnagar’s words and techniques have the power of the dynamite. The way the wisdom, passion and clarity of his words explode your self-imposed limitations one after the other to set free the giant within you, need only be seen to be believed. It is almost impossible to continue to live your life the same way after going through any of the sincere, pragmatic, mesmerizing and power-packed workshops of his. Apart from being the founder of Thrive!’, a well known Corporate Trainer to over forty leading companies* of the nation, a visiting faculty to several management institutes on over twenty different subjects on behavioral and management skills, a pioneer in spiritualizing Corporate operations as a  Corporate Trainer, an ISTD (Indian Society for Training and Development) award winning author of four books, a Times of India columnist, a motivational speaker, a personal growth coach, and a Reiki teacher, Anil, an IITian, has also appeared on national network of television as an expert guest on the Evening Live Show.

·         A 1979 Civil Engineering graduate from IIT Delhi, he worked for over two decades with Steel Authority of India Limited at its Rourkela Steel Plant and subsequently at its corporate office in New Delhi before founding, Thrive!. His intense, passionate and life-transforming articles and books have been widely acclaimed both in India and abroad.

·         What clearly and easily distinguishes Anil Bhatnagar from other trainers is his sincerity and incredible commitment to make a difference in the lives of those who attend his workshops--and it stems from a personal life-mission. Each of the participant in any of his workshop feels transformed and fortunate enough to have availed the opportunity. The feedback ‘response sheets’ from the participants of his workshop is a testimony to this and almost 100% participants rate him between 9 to 10 on an average on a ten point scale as a trainer.

·         He is concerned about the tendency of the executives to return to their old ways once they are back to their workplace after a usual workshop. Anil, therefore, believes in making the difference at the subconscious level as well, from where stem most of our behaviors and actions--even before one becomes consciously aware of them. His workshops are highly structured and mnemonic based so that one can remember for one’s lifetime what one learnt with him. His greatest contribution to the world of corporate training is his techniques that are part of each of his workshops to help participants convert the learning points into their habits. He also believes in constant follow up and therefore leaves the participants not only highly motivated, but also guide them to prepare for themselves an easy and workable comprehensive ongoing plan to incorporate the learning points in one’s daily routine. If clients agree and ask for it, he also arranges for fortnightly or monthly formal follow up sessions as well.

·         Anil’s work has been featured twice on the cover page of' Personal Excellence'--brought out by Covey Leadership Center, USA. It is America's no. 1, and world's most prestigious magazine on the subject. (In fact he has achieved this feat twice). The magazine features articles of world leaders of the stature of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, Stephen covey, Peter Drucker, Jack Welsh, Jimmy Carter and the like. He also writes for their other magazine Leadership Excellence (earlier known as Executive Excellence).


·         Anil has attracted testimonials on contribution to the field of behavioral excellence from international authorities on the subject such as Ira Chaleff, Tom Gegax, and William Cottringer.


·         An experienced Reiki teacher, motivational speaker, personal growth coach, he is a pioneer in spiritualizing Corporate operations as a Corporate Trainer.


·         Anil has been an expert columnist with ‘The Times of India’ on Mind, Body and Spirit and You (Times Wellness). All his columns have found their way among the best that were published in Times of India in the ‘The Times Wellness Guide


·         Has been a guest invitee at Delhi Doordarshan Evening Live Show as a motivational guru for programs on positive thinking, motivation, and communication and interpersonal skills. 

·         Anil has written foreword for the best selling American Author Dr William Cottringer’s latest book ‘Bow Wow Secrets. Dr Cottringer is President, Puget Sound Security, Business Success Coach, Sport Psychologist, Writer and Photographer from Issaquah, WA. Apart from The Bow-Wow Secrets, he is the author of Passwords To The Prosperity Zone, You Can Have Your Cheese & Eat It Too, and Doing What Matters Most.


·         Anil is an ISTD (Indian Society for Training and Development) National award winning author (for Water The Roots)* of the following 4 books.


·         ''WATER THE ROOTS, LET THE LEAVES TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. HOW TO COMMUNICATE LIKE AN EXPERT: Listening, Remembering & Speaking’ published by 'Global Business Press', New Delhi (255 pages) 


·         SUCCESS 24 X 7: Ten Sure Ways to Corporate And Personal Success: published by Wisdom Tree (267 pages)


·         THE LITTLE BOOK OF FORGIVENESS: published by Penguins Books India Ltd.(144 pages)


·         TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE WITH REIKI. , published by Penguins Books India Ltd.(336 pages)


·         [*Indian Society for Training and Development in their 33rd national convention held on 6th to 8th Dec. 2002 conferred his first book on interpersonal communication, Water The Roots, Leave The Leaves to Themselves’ with the second best book award among all categories published in the country in the year 2001-2002 in terms of their contribution to the field of training and development.]

·          He is a man with wide spectrum of interests each of which he pursues with tremendous zeal..A Reiki teacher himself, he practices Reiki, Yoga, Sudershan Kriya, Theta healing, Surya Yoga, and meditation regularly and loves to paint and write poems. His poems have been published in magazines of national repute and his paintings have been shown on Delhi Doordarshan and also in a number of solo exhibitions at Rourkela


·         He has great passion for learning and teaching. He has been studying and practicing ideas drawn from the wisdom of spiritual giants of all times for the last twenty years with increasing determination and sincerity. He has an uncompromising zeal to try every new positive idea that he comes across in his life to check its efficacy and to adopt it before sharing it with others.

·         Having worked with SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) at its Rourkela Steel Plant and subsequently at its corporate office in Delhi for 21 years he decided to quit his job and honor a strong inner call to dedicate his life to all that he realizes he is born for— coaching people and corporations how to grow and thrive in their lives instead of just trying to survive through his simple, pragmatic, well researched, time-tested and power-packed workshops. He has added a new dimension of spiritual intelligence to the functioning of the Corporate World through his articles, books, lectures, personal coaching and consultancy, workshops, corporate trainings and audiocassettes.

·         He feels strongly for making his humble contribution, whatever little he can, in improving the condition of orphans, old people, animals, females and Mother earth. He is also the founder of a free primary school at Rourkela for poor children, who come from slums and are working as helpers at local shops. He is also associated with CRY for developing self-esteem, confidence and prosperity consciousness among children from slums and with PETA for ensuring he does his bit in spreading human compassion and kind heartedness towards animals.


·         He is married and lives with his wife Aruna, a practicing Reiki teacher, and children Moksha and Vedant in the outskirts of Delhi at Kaushambi.


Links to Anil Bhatnagar's work mentioned or quoted on the web:



Spirituality: A New Mantra For The Success of HR Policy

Prominent personalities like Deepak Chopra, Anil Bhatnagar, Professor S.K.Chakravarty, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Ravishankarji Maharaj, Suresh Pandit, and Swami Someswarananda etc. are on their toes to spread the wisdom of Indian ethos to the Indian community for the development of Spiritual Business world.


Dr Ajay Raj M. Vyas



By Clifford Sawhney

Author, reiki master, motivational speaker and a proponent of the fusion of management and spirituality, Anil Bhatnagar says: "External situations only mirror what employees are within collectively. If their lives are unwholesome, distressed, imbalanced, disintegrated and out-of-sync with the laws of nature, the external situations for themselves and their organizations cannot be otherwise."



In the Light of Theosophy

As we live our humdrum existence, we often wonder, Does life have a purpose? What is my place in the scheme of things? "Each one of us has a unique purpose in life, and in its realization lies our happiness, growth and success," writes Anil Bhatnagar (Life Positive, June 2003):

The deeper inner purpose of life, as we all know, is to rediscover our oneness with the unity consciousness that is—and be with it. The more sincerely we adhere to the timeless principles that are the very nature of Nature, by virtue of which God puts this universe together, the more our own nature becomes one with that of Nature. And we cannot follow these timeless principles of Nature in vacuum we need a context or a "field of action." Therefore, interwoven with that deeper inner purpose is an external purpose allocated specifically for this current incarnation, which provides us with a context or "field of action.

" From The Theosophical Movement /Vol 74 No. 1 - November, 2003




Oganized by CESNUR, Center for Religious Studies and Research at Vilnius University, and

New Religions Research and Information Center

Vilnius, Lithuania, April 9-12 2003  

The "Quasi-Religion" of Reiki

by Andrea Menegotto, CESNUR
A paper presented at the CESNUR 2003 Conference, Vilnius, Lithuania. Preliminary version.

Independently of the historical reliability of the news supplied by Bhatnagar and Ellyard (really, an absolutely not negligible question), also the history of the origins of Reiki proposed by these authors, not only confirms the existence of a Buddhist background but also its direct Buddhist origins, objective or legendary , but in any case deeply rooted in the beliefs and the teachings of Reiki practitioners and masters. Therefore Bhatnagar himself asserts that, after Usui’s discovery «Reiki was re-born» (Bhatnagar, 68).




Discover Your Why

As Anil Bhatnagar, author and trainer on motivation, says, "Nature sends each one of us here on a heroic purpose and hence it is quite unnatural for one not to feel motivated. But the ways of the world are such that it is a challenge to preserve one's natural motivation."


-Jamuna Rangachari


Not a chance!

Chance and planning may seem like opposing concepts. But corporate trainer Anil Bhatnagar tells us we can plan our coincidences.


ANJANA RAJAN (The Hindu) 22/01/2005



17 Mar 2004

John Howard's homework for today.


Have you ever thought about the fact that there is never a moment when you are not thinking - that whatever happens in this world begins with a thought?


Start watching your thoughts, without identifying with them. Watch them as a detached observer.

You may even get carried away by your thoughts. Never mind. It is natural - especially for a beginner. What you need to do, whenever you detect this, is to take yourself out of your thoughts immediately and get back to the process of thought watching once again as a detached observer.




Friends of Vrindavan Update

by Michael Duffy

The well known public speaker and motivator, Anil Bhatnagar overviewed the employee development process.



Emotional Evolution Back To Home

Pete Quily

By Anil Bhatnagar. Gives short and long term strategies for dealing effectively with your negative emotions. Very comprehensive and interesting.



Scripting success

Bhatnagar, an IIT-Delhi graduate, has outlined what he perceives are the mantras of success, in today's stressed out environment. Jindal Steel managing director and Kurukshetra MP Navin Jindal launched the book along with publisher Shobit Arya of Wisdom Tree. "Most people in this world are stressed out and disheartened in life. To play an important part in this world, one has to have a blueprint ready. My book provides that blueprint," he added.

Times of India



Right-Side Einstein           By Moinak Mitra      BUSINESS TODAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2002

Says Anil Bhatnagar, a trainer: ''In order to attract an intuitive answer, which is essentially a function of the right brain, you've got to temper it with your logical left-half.'' And that, gentlemen, is no gut-feel, but a no-brainer.



Secret of Performance in Differential Brain Processing

Most people have one hemisphere dominant over the other as shown by different researchers (Anil Bhatnagar, Life Positive, 1997) and this dominance affects personality, abilities, and learning style.

Dr Mrs Kiran Rekha



6 ways to generate great ideas at work

Sunder Ramachandran

"A response such as 'This is not my area of work. Find out from the person concerned', shows that the individual is responding from his own frame of reference, an attitude detrimental for both employee and organization," says Anil Bhatnagar, a management consultant.



Anil Bhatnagar's Site

This site is loaded with valuable and fantastic personal, professional and spiritual self-help wisdom. A must visit!



The site of Kathy Roberts, world champion powerlifter and motivational speaker.



Ease stress with happy thoughts
By Manju Gupta Wisdom Tree, run by Shobit Arya, has come out with two very pertinent books on how to achieve personal as well as corporate success. One is a book by Anil Bhatnagar, entitled Success 27 x 7 (Rs 245.00), which attributes success essentially to Latent Oneness. It expounds on our perception ability and how we manage things effectively provided we perceive things as they are; not as they appear to be.


Anil Bhatnagar’s Articles available on the net


Purify Your Responses with Improved Awareness

We are all like dusty but beautiful lampshades that can be brought to an incredible shine with a little effort. But most times we do not bother to reconnect to our natural lustre and shine—our divinity—through the ‘Brasso’ and tamarind solution of conscious breathing, meditation, daily review of our actions, contemplation, introspection and mindful living.


GET IT’ stands for ‘Give all that it takes’- including risks, to fulfill your heart’s true intentions, for this is the only way to play safe in life.


Vision, role models and chewable goals

There is no one among us without a vision; though we may be consciously unaware of it. You arrive in life where your vision takes you; and where you are now can help you discover the subconscious vision that you had been carrying all this while.


Back-pedaling for Bliss

While cycling we start backpedaling, in case we want to stay in balance without wanting to move forward with the ongoing usual fast speed lest it may make us ram into a vehicle waiting at the red light.


Be here and now

This is the only life, because even if there are any others you cannot live them now, for they are meant to be lived, when you have them, not before. Learn to live this life to the fullest, so that you learn to live the subsequent ones even better, if and when they come.


Sorrow is Nature's feedback

It is better to receive your sorrows as useful feedback to learn from and take appropriate action on; instead of considering them a sign of past karmas, or arbitrary bad luck that you seemingly have no control over.


History of Mikao Usui 

This is an edited extract from Transform Your Life with Reiki by Anil Bhatnagar and it is available in the Soothingminds online shop and costs £12.99.


Boost Your Self Esteem

Self Empowerment

 By Anil Bhatnagar

Words are sound symbols that tend to represent standard concepts and images. In other words they are sounds with meanings. Every time you fail to follow through your words you deprive them of their meaning and reduce them to mere sounds. Unfortunately, this not only takes away power from your words but also from you, as your subconscious keeps getting evidence of their emptiness.


Your Purpose In Life
By Anil Bhatnagar

The happiness, success, and fulfilment that you either lack or enjoy in life are, in a way, nature's feedback on the extent to which you are living your purpose. Any work with good money or better job security may not necessarily be right or fulfilling for you. Your work is wedded to your life purpose and to the spiritual quality of your life.


Is Anybody Listening? - on non-verbal communication .   Sept., 1996)


Mind Your Thoughts - on cognitive therapy. ( Nov., 1996)


Living By Your Body Clock - on body clock. (Feb., 1997)


Are You Using Both Halves of Your Brain - 0n split brain theory. (July., 1997)


Ten Sutras for Corporate Success (Dec., 1997)


Why Forgive (Jun., 1998)


What is Right What is wrong (Jun., 2000)


The Pilgrim’s progress: How to Stay on the Path (Apr., 2002)


Emotional Evolution (Oct., 2002)


You Are Here On A Purpose (Jun., 2003)


Living With Passion, May 2004


Spiritual wisdom distilled into five laws

Anil Bhatnagar

DNA, Sunday, September 11, 2005  17:10 IST

Sacred texts and spiritual gurus extol the benefits of living in accord with the laws of nature. Life will become smooth then, decisions will be taken instinctively, and we will meet success and fulfillment in our endeavours. But it's hard to find those laws listed at one place. From my own study I have come up with five timeless principles or laws of nature.


Ten sutras for corporate success

Anil Bhatnagar (Life Positive)

February 7, 2006



Translated Personal Excellence Article






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