Every problem reveals spiritual lessons we are yet to learn and integrate in our lives. THRIVE! is committed to make a visible difference in the happiness level of humanity. A majority of us spend a major chunk of our waking life at work-not with our so-called families. We, at THRIVE!, want to ensure that almost no one should be allowed to suffer at work place-especially the sincere people. In case you feel any problems relating to work, which you are finding difficult to handle yourself for want of an expert guidance, you are free to send your problems to us.

  • Relationship problems at work;
  • boredom, lack of meaning, enthusiasm, and joy at work;
  • lack of justice and transparency,
  • unsupportive environment,
  • internal politics,
  • back-biting,
  • favoritism,
  • low team morale,
  • uncooperative attitude of people at work,
  • uninteresting or unsuitable allocation of work,
  • unethical conduct,
  • lack of competence,
  • ill treatment by seniors,
  • unsafe working conditions,
  • exploitation etc

If you are suffering from any of above or similar problems we would like you get in touch with us. We want to ensure that work becomes a joy for all of us on this planet so that people could enjoy work as much as the weekends, if not more.

The fact that a common man counts his week-days and eagerly looks forward to evenings or weekends as en escape from the prison of work should become a long forgotten history. The service is free for the first email we receive in the week. For the rest too there may only be a nominal charge depending on the gravity of the problem or the counseling time needed to resolve the issue.


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