Transform Your Life With Reiki
By Anil Bhatnagar, Penguin, Rs 250, pp 336


Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands-on healing system of remarkable ease and efficiency. Working from the idea that "all human problems and diseases result from the illusion of separateness," Reiki re-establishes our lost connection with the oneness around us. In this exhaustive handbook, Reiki master Anil Bhatnagar explains how to get started, how your first sessions will feel, how each hand position works, how to apply different hand positions to different ailments and how to integrate Reiki with your diet and allopathic medical treatments.

--The Asian Age, 4th August 2002

"The Healing Touch"
Transform Your Life With Reiki, By Anil Bhatnagar, New Delhi, Penguin, pp336, Rs 250

Essential reading for those who have misconceptions about the unconventional healing therapy through cosmic energy.

There is a plethora of books on "Reiki" in the bookstalls. Some deal with the subject with deep sincerity, and are
truly informative, and useful to those who already practice Reiki.
Transform Your Life With Reiki by Anil Bhatnagar works with similar commitment. But rather than aiding those who already believe in Reiki, the book functions as an eye opener for those who do not want to try Reiki as they do not believe in it or are not convinced that the Reiki energy emitted by a healer have cosmic healing powers.

Most people would not object to learning reiki and feel the bliss, if only they could see the logic in it and the truth. Someone has to build a bridge to cross over and this bridging has been well accomplished by Anil Bhatnagar.

The book is a complete guide to the science and practice of an increasingly popular therapy and is a must read for all those who want to realize the existence of an unconventional healing therapy. Classified into five sections, the book deals with every aspect of Reiki, starting with the first level-the laying-on of hands for energy healing for treating self and others.

Section 1 briefly covers the secrets of human anatomy, the aura, the seven koshas and the seven charkas, which are the invisible body layers and energy centers, known to the great rishis and saints thousands of years ago and now scientifically proved and photographed byLirlianPhotography.

In section II, the author unfolds the mystery of reiki and then clearly and convincingly steers the readers from misconceptions to logic and scientific reasoning, answering the community asked questions.

Section III is the core of the book, the Reiki practice with hand positions illustrated step by step, with easy to understand simple line diagrams. A few sketches of the anatomical organ systems would have made this section more complete.

Central to the book is Section IV, devoted to "Reiki and Your Body". The author describes the body as a microcosm. The body organs, tissues, cells and atoms are influenced by the quantum status of mind. Quantum being the basic unit of matter or energy forms the invisible vibrations. Perfect health is possible when a person is treated with "Cosmic Universal Life Force Energy" in other words, Reiki. The author explains in a planned and prioritized manner, ensuring not to miss any single detail of the organ systems, the hands on positions, dietary and many other useful suggestions.

In section V, Anil Bhatnagar brings to light that Reiki in addition to being a healing therapy is the right vehicle for transforming one's personality, relationships, emotional life, professional life, creativity, enhancing a sense of being unconditionally secured and cheerful, and experiencing the oceans of happiness by practicing the "Five Principles of Reiki" enunciated by Dr Mikao Usui, the rediscoverer of Reiki.

The 336-page book is neat, well laid out and of portable size. The style is very readable. Anil Bhatnagar's Transform Your Life With Reiki will go a long and useful way in interpreting a subject in a new language for a new generation of readers.

--Deccan Herald, Bangalore, 6th October, 2002

…A gentle way to reconnect.

This is arguably the first comprehensive book on Reiki in India. The author Anil Bhatnagar, offers an insight into the science of Reiki, from the history of its origin to the steps involved in the healing process and the five principles formulated by Dr Mikao Usui, who rediscovered Reiki, to make the healing more effective.

Bhatnagar makes the point that Reiki is not merely a healing process but a journey to establish the lost connection with the oneness that surrounds us. He holds that all diseases originate in the auric or energy body and transform into physical pain in due time.

A healthy aura represents a healthy body. The aura can be diagnosed with a pendulum or sensitized hands. Te aura is created and nourished by the energy brought in through charkas, the centers of nervous and cerebral energy that form the interface between the aura and the physical body. These charkas are closely linked to our endocrine, nervous and circulatory systems. Negative patterns of thinking and unhealthy living habits create an imbalance of energy, giving birth to energy problems.

Reiki balances these charkas, affecting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The author offers a scientific proof of the existence of this healing energy by referring to the photographs taken by the Kirlian camera which show a difference in around the reiki channel's hands before and during a healing session.

The author takes us through the various steps involved in reiki, describing the emotional and physical experiences one may have at the time of receiving this energy. Reiki imparts a spiritual 'attunement', removing all blocks to make the person receptive to fresh energy. This is followed by the second stage, which heals negative emotions and mental disorders. The third degree attunement is given only on request, after one year of practice of Reiki II. This allows a person to tap higher levels of divine power.

A large segment of the book is devoted to the techniques involved in the practice of reiki. There is a detailed description of the sequence of hand positions that reiki masters teach and practice for full body treatment. The author has also devoted an entire chapter to mind-body connection. He attempts to highlight the importance of emotions, both negative and positive, as affecting our physical health. He draws a list of affirmations that can help an individual to counter negative emotions that rule our every day life. The book goes over an exhaustive list of physical ailments prevalent today and provided guidance in terms of Reiki positions and diet.

The book ends with the five reiki principles (such as 'Just for today, I shall love and respect every living being') to fine-tune one's life with cosmic intelligence. If followed in letter and spirit, they can take care of half of our self-created problems. These come as little messages that may change your perspective in life.

The book is a sincere effort by Bhatnagar, a reiki master himself, to reach out to large number of people, to carry ahead the spirit of Reiki. He explodes many myths about Reiki, which keep people away from benefiting from this gentle system. His endeavour is to build a bridge between people's world of logic (those are complacent) and the truth from which it stems, so that they can cross over to the other side and feel reiki's bliss. He exhibits immense faith in Reiki when he says "Joy replaces fear as the motivating force, one begins to stay calm, cheerful, happy, energetic and stress free regardless of external happenings."

--Life Positive, August 2002

Anil Bhatnagar's book, 'Transform Your Life with reiki' is an absolute must for anyone of those looking to channel reiki on themselves, family, friends or clients. The book covers the history of reiki, the aura, reiki hand positions, emotional roots of disease and affirmations that can be used".
---Frances Harris, Reiki Practitioner, United Kingdom 
I have just finished your book, Transform Your Life with Reiki", well, not finished it, I will be dipping into the book forevermore, it is the best, most inspirational book I have owned.
--Anna Goncalves, South Africa
I read your book "Transform you life with Reiki"(Penguin publications, .I really appreciate the rational approach followed to present the facts about Reiki and depth reached in pursuit of understanding the principles and purpose of Reiki.
--Devaraj, Bangalore, India 
I accidentally purchased your book and found the book to be extremely informative. You could call it an encyclopedia of Reiki I suppose. In fact I have recommended this book to many of my friends who are in to Reiki and some have already purchased copies of the book.
--Rizana Jamaldeen, Sri Lanka 
May I take this opportunity to congratulate you to have written so well a book on Reiki.I have just gone through your book"Transform Your Life Through Reiki".It is a very inspiring and wonderful book.
--Usha (Kitty) Bhargava, India 
I have in front of me your book "Transform your life with Reiki" that I bought yesterday and I am delighted. I have been interested in Reiki for some time now and I did not know where to turn for lessons. You describe the aura and the chakras so well, Do you give training in that area too?
--Colette Ngoya, Arusha, Tanzania 



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