Water The Roots
By Anil Bhatnagar, Global Business Press, Rs 495, Pp 255


In this book, Anil Bhatnagar, the author, covers the entire gamut of skills that enable us to communicate better and with greater results. He enumerates the factors that influence communication and the common reason for the breaking down of communications. He also shows us how to be better listeners, and teaches us methods for developing a better memory. Finally, the author stresses the development of effective speaking skills as the most important medium of good communications. The book covers various aspects of effective communication like interpersonal communication, listening, remembering, and speaking. He has explained each aspect in detail. 'Water The Roots, Let the leaves take care of themselves-Learning to Communicate Like An Expert' aims to help the reader develop into a complete manager through these very skills.

--The Asian Age, 13th August 2000

Communication is what makes this world a civilized place and this is the pivot of Anil Bhatnagar's book 'Water The Roots'. The author takes the holistic route to communication.

A graduate from IIT-Delhi, Anil Bhatnagar has been with Steel Authority of India since 1980. Interpersonal communication, attitudinal change, personal management and corporate success are some of the subjects he writes upon.

The book is divided into four broad sections and each section analyses a particular aspect of communication. The first section on Interpersonal communication provides the necessary lubrication in the social machinery. This form is gaining momentum in the modern world, especially in the business houses. Then Bhatnagar deals with the reasons for its breakdown and ways to acquire skills to communicate effectively.

The second section talks about the next important tenet-Listening. Bhatnagar marks the difference between listening and hearing. Listening entails trying to understand the real context and hidden messages. He also lists the various ways of improving and identifying the barriers to listening skills with certain Dos and Don'ts.

In the last two sections, he dwells deeply on two more elements-memory and speaking. Memory for the author is storing information and is " a vital link between receiving and conveying it", and bad memory can be disastrous. He bases his arguments and memory lapse on the various theories propounded by different psychologists. The last section is on speaking. Words once said are "like playing with fire…learn how to handle it and make it your slave…before it destroys". This section also includes public speaking and effective speechmaking. All in all, the holistic route could be taken by anyone and every one.

--Training & Management, 1st Anniversary issue, January 2003.

"Anil Bhatnagar's passion and expertise shine through on every page. This well-organized and entertaining collection of timeless techniques and helpful hints will have you engaging in enlightened communication well before you finish the last chapter.
--Tom Gegax, Founder and ex-CEO of Tires Plus, USA and author of 'The Enlightened Executive' and 'Winning in the Game of Life'
"I have been a student of the communication process for over 40 years, and I learned much from Anil's book that I will use in my career and personal life. "Water the Roots" will occupy a premier spot in my library".
--William Cottringer, Ph.D, Success Coach, College Professor and Author of "You Can Have Your Cheese & Eat It Too." EE Publishing , USA
"If by some twist of fate you found yourself on a desert island or shut in a room for a year and could only have one book, a good choice would be "Water the Roots" by Anil Bhatnagar. The author's spiritual and intellectual discipline shines through from every topic he tackles and he invites you to join him in that discipline."
--Ira Chaleff, Founder and President of 'Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates',
Washington, DC USA, and author of 'The Courageous Follower'


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