Books :

Indian Society for Training and Development in their 33rd national convention held on 6th to 8th Dec. 2002 have conferred his first book, 'Water The Roots, Leave The Leaves to Themselves' with the second best book award.

This award considered and evaluated books from all categories published in the country in the year 2001-2002 in terms of their contribution to the field of training and development.

International Appreciation for Anil Bhatnagar's work:

"If by some twist of fate you found yourself on a desert island or shut in a room for a year and could only have one book, a good choice would be "Water the Roots" by Anil Bhatnagar. The author's spiritual and intellectual discipline shines through from every topic he tackles and he invites you to join him in that discipline."

--Ira Chaleff, Founder and President of 'Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates',
Washington, DC USA, and author of 'The Courageous Follower'

I have just finished your book, Transform Your Life with Reiki", well, not finished it, I will be dipping into the book forevermore, it is the best, most inspirational book I have owned.

--Anna Goncalves, South Africa

"Anil Bhatnagar's passion and expertise shine through on every page. This well-organized and entertaining collection of timeless techniques and helpful hints will have you engaging in enlightened communication well before you finish the last chapter.

--Tom Gegax, Founder and ex-CEO of Tires Plus, USA and author of 'The Enlightened Executive' and 'Winning in the Game of Life'

My wife bought your book ,''Transform your life with reiki". Excellent book. My congratualations!.

--- Ajay Puri, Executive Director, Mitsubishi JV, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Anil Bhatnagar's book, 'Transform Your Life with reiki' is an absolute must for anyone of those looking to channel reiki on themselves, family, friends or clients. The book covers the history of reiki, the aura, reiki hand positions, emotional roots of disease and affirmations that can be used".

---Frances Harris, Reiki Practitioner, United Kingdom 

I have in front of me your book "Transform your life with Reiki" that I bought yesterday and I am delighted. I have been interested in Reiki for some time now and I did not know where to turn for lessons. You describe the aura and the chakras so well, Do you give training in that area too?

--Colette Ngoya, Arusha, Tanzania 

"I have been a student of the communication process for over 40 years, and I learned much from Anil's book that I will use in my career and personal life. "Water the Roots" will occupy a premier spot in my library".

--William Cottringer, Ph.D, Success Coach, College Professor and Author of "You Can Have Your Cheese & Eat It Too." EE Publishing , USA

I read your book "Transform you life with Reiki"(Penguin publications, .I really appreciate the rational approach followed to present the facts about Reiki and depth reached in pursuit of understanding the principles and purpose of Reiki.

--Devaraj, Bangalore, India 

I accidentally purchased your book and found the book to be extremely informative. You could call it an encyclopedia of Reiki I suppose. In fact I have recommended this book to many of my friends who are in to Reiki and some have already purchased copies of the book.

--Rizana Jamaldeen, Sri Lanka 

May I take this opportunity to congratulate you to have written so well a book on Reiki.I have just gone through your book"Transform Your Life Through Reiki".It is a very inspiring and wonderful book.

--Usha (Kitty) Bhargava, India 

"We  have been doing frequent trainings with Mr Anil Bhatnagar  now for more than  a  year. All along we  have found Anil to be a prolific trainer whose special  delivery  skills  make  any content so simple and relevant that it leaves  a  life  long  mark  on  the  audience.  The high energy levels and practical  - real life examples keep the trainees thoroughly engaged during the entire duration .


The efficacy of the training conducted by him is well evident  from  the  fact  that  I see my team using quite a few practices /tools  that  they  learnt during the training, in their daily work place as well in their personal life. This has really helped them a lot in improving their over all deliveries.

Anil exuberates tremendous art of relating with the audience irrespective of  levels  (  from  a Territory Manager to General Manager), understanding their gaps and building up the program to address those needs . The impetus of  his  trainings has been to build lasting changes in behavior and habits of the trainees that they would like to practice beyond their work life".

--Dinesh Gulati, Circle Head - Mumbai, Reliance Communications Limited

Your workshop on , 'Attitude for Excellence' that you have been conducting for employees of our corporate office and SteelPlants created a tremendous impact on the participants.


May of the participants came personally to thank me for sponsoring them for these workshops. many who missed, specially made a request to include their names in the future workshops. Steel Plants also specially convey their appreciatin and praise for you".

--Ram Mohan, GM (Personnel), SAIL Corporate Office

It was my privilege to have you with us for the international confeence on "Work Life Balance" at Power Management Institute (NTPC), Noida. I convey my sincere thanks for your excellent presentation and immense contribution to the conference".

--Dr Suneeta Singh, GM, PMI (NTPC)

Corporate Workshops :

Attitude for Excellence : Attitudinal Transformation through Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence

"It is one of the best workshops I have ever attended".
--AK Jain, IIFCO, Mktg Division, 53-54, N.Place, N.Delhi

"It is truly life transforming! Mr Bhatnagar has indeed more than kept his promise".
---Anshu Kubba, SAIL

I am thankful to God for giving me the privilege to attend this seminar.
--Debabrat Tripathy. NTPC, Kaniha, Talcher

"I was surprised by the tremendous knowledge and stamina of Mr Bhatnagar".
--Praveen Kumar Giri, Bhilwara Group, Noida.

"This workshop will surely revolutionize the way we look at and do our work-and thereby ultimately revolutionize our nation".
--Harish Jiwal, SAIL

"The course made me feel enlightened; I liked the faculty (Mr Bhatnagar) coming to our level".
--Girish Vir, Punj Llyod.

I was surprised by the faculty's experience, research and confidence.
--K.C. Samal, NTPC, Kaniha, Talcher

"I was surprised by Shri Anil's stamina, power, and faith in his subject".
--Rama Kant Sharma, SAIL

"This workshop really enlightened me about many things about which I was unaware; it is quite useful for all categories and class of employees in any age group".
--VK Suri, GM, BPL Display devices.

"I was surprised by the depth of knowledge, sincerity and commitment of the faculty".
--Debasmita Tripathy. NTPC Kaniha, Talcher

"I would like to say that this programme has transformed my life and compelled me to think in a positive way".
--Raj Kumar, SAIL

"I liked the kind of examples given throughout during the workshop and was surprised by his passion to teach".
--Umed Sethia, LNJ Bhilwara Group.

"I feel deeply inspired and have already formed a group to help ourselves remember and incorporate whatever we have learnt in the workshop".
--Manoj Kandpal, SAIL

I liked the practical examples for explaining things.
--Anil Kumar Agagrwal NTPC, Kaniha, Talcher

Choose Bliss, Not Stress!

The training was excellent. I will remember this training for the rest of my life. It has given me a new insight of life. I have learnt a new meaning of life. I felt great meeting you.
--Mandeep Ahuja, Bharti Telenet Ltd

I liked the lively presentation and the examples. I was also surprised by Mr Bhatnaagr's passion to teach.
--Ms Shilpy Nigam, Bharti Telenet Ltd

This workshop is great!
--Kamaljit Singh Aulakh, Bharti Telenet Ltd

I would like to say that it must be compulsory for every employee of the organization.
--Ranjeet Kumar, Bharti Telenet Ltd

I would like to say that this porogramme must be conducted for all the employees of Bharti.
--Rupendra Verma, Bharti Telenet Ltd

You are wonderful, Mr Bhatnagar!
--Sudhavrata, Escotel

This program should be given to all the professionals so that they can manage both family as well as work responsibly.
--Pawan Sharma, Escotel.

Mr Bhatnagar is a great magician.
--Sanjeev Malhotra, Escotel.

Best workshop I have ever attended
--Manish Sethi, Escotel.

Never attended such a great workshop before!
--Preeti Ahuja, Escotel.

This was an ultimate experience.
--Pradeep Kumar, Escotel

Now I know that some simple things that can change my life.
--Sarabjeet Singh, Bharti Telenet Ltd.

I was surprised by trainer's own self-development.
--Praveen Jain, Bharti telenet

Excellent programme!
--Ritesh Sadhu, Escotel

It was a complete/perfect training program
--Rajeev kumar, Escotel

Thank you, Mr Bhatnagar for such an eye-opening workshop.
--Tejasvi Bishnoi, Escotel

I would like to say that every individual should attend this program.
--Parijat pandey, Escotel

I would like to say that I am a totally transformed person, now.
--Geeta Singh, Escotel

I would like to say that this programme is a Bhrahm Astra in handling stress!
--Ujjwal Prakash, Escotel.

This is a very useful training programme. Must be extended to every body in order to make this world stress free.
--Manoj Kumar, Escotel

This program is an eye opener.
--Atul Handa, Escotel

...Out of this world!'
--Amitosh Tyagi, Escotel

I feel honored to attend such a great worekshop.
--Arun Kumar, Escotel

Excellent Program.
--Sanjeev Saxena, Escotel

Faculty was very knowledgeable and has command on his subject.
--Arun Shrivastava, Escotel

Time Intelligence

"This workshop is....a very powerful atom bomb".
--Amit Singh, Motherson Sumi systems, Noida

--Sachin Gupta, Motherson Sumi systems, Noida

Excellent Workshop!
---Sandeep V. Bhide, Bhushan Steel and Strips Limited, Sahibabad

Mr Bhatnagar is undoubtedly a great motivator.
--Satish Verma Bhushan Steel and Strips Limited

"... truly an eye-opener!"
--Rahul Tandon, Bhushan Steel and Strips Limited

“…Very educative”. 
--YP Singh, JK Sugar, Mir ganj

“The programme was excellent”
--Milind Khanwalkar, Camphor and Allied Products Ltd., Bareily

Setting and Achieving Goals

I would like to say everything about the workshop i.e. presentation, methodology, style, content and delivery was GREAT!
--Manvinder Singh Ajmani, Continental Engines Ltd

Excellent Programme!
--Anil Sharma, Continental Engines Ltd

The programme came in my life as a wake up call.
--Manish Gupta, Continental Engines Ltd

The programme made me feel enlightened.
-- Vivek Prakash, Continental Engines Ltd

Developing Highly Effective Subordinates through Mentoring and Coaching

"This training should be given to our bosses also".
--P.S. Hari Hindustan Zinc Limited"

The course was enlightening".
--Yogesh Chandra Devpura Hindustan Zinc Limited

"I was surprised by the ease with which such complex ideas were presented. It will certainly change my life".
--Ashish Asthana. Hindustan Zinc Limited

"The workshop was excellent".
--Dr Vijai Pal Singh Hindustan Zinc Limited

"I promise to follow what I have learnt in this workshop at my home and at my work".
--K.K. Prasad Hindustan Zinc Limited

"I was surprised by your immense power to touch one's soul".
--A Meghanathan Hindustan Zinc Limited

"The course made me feel awakened".
--Sunil Vashishth Hindustan Zinc Limited

"I was surprised by the energy of the faculty".
--KT Selvan Hindustan Zinc Limited

"The course was excellent with live examples".
--Dr SC Mehta, Hindustan Zinc Limited

"The course was good, educating and professional and made me feel delighted".
--RS Mehta, Hindustan Zinc LimitedSkills

Developing Assertiveness and Responsiveness Skills

I was surprised by how my honest feelings came out because of the environment created by Mr Bhatnagar
--Bharti Saxena, Engineers India Limited, Gurgaon

I was surprised by Mr Bhatnagar's versatility.
--KK Verma, Engineers India Limited, Gurgaon

Good day of learning!
--Harpreet, Engineers India Limited, Gurgaon


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