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Anil Bhatnagar’s words and techniques have the power of the dynamite. The way, the wisdom, passion and clarity of his words explode your self-imposed limitations one after the other to set free the giant within you, need only be seen to be believed. It is almost impossible to continue living your life the same way after attending any one of his sincere, pragmatic, mesmerizing and power-packed workshops of his.

He has been featured  among  the 19 gurus  consulted by  Brenda  Barnaby,  whose  work  she has based  her book on and quoted  in her international bestseller: ‘Beyond the Secret’. His work in  and  contribution  to  the  field  of  behavioural  excellence  has attracted testimonials from international authorities on the subject, such  as Dianna Booher, Ira Chaleff (President, Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates, Washington DC and the author of The Courageous Follower),  Tom Gegax (Ex-owner of Tires Plus and the author of By the Seat of the Pants), Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Christian Northrup, and  Dr William  Cottringer.

He is a Times of India columnist  and has appeared  as an expert on  behavioural issues  in  the  Evening Live  Show  on  the  National Network  of Television.

He has been among the 27 speakers invited by the Live Big Media, USA for their AWAKEN TO YOUR GREATEST LIFE telesummit wherein he spoke on Transforming Your Life through Inner Awareness on June 18, 2013 for the benefit of millions of viewers all over the world

He has written several lead articles for ‘Life Positive’ in India and Executive Excellence and Personal Excellence in USA. Many of his articles can be found and read on his website:

 He is the author of several internationally acclaimed books such as:

  • Achieving & Winning with Effective Communication*
  • Success 24 × 7
  • Penguin’s Little Book of Forgiveness
  • Turn Your Life Around with  Reiki’
  • Reverse Your Thoughts, Reverse Your Diseases
  • Forgiveness: Your Key to Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing (EBook)
  • How to express Your Grievances to Evoke A Favorable Response (EBook)

(*This was  adjudged by  Indian Society  for Training  and Development as the 2nd best book to be published  in India  in 2001  among  all  categories).

His passion for learning drives him to study continually the wisdom of spiritual  giants  of every  era,  and  his passion  for teaching takes him, apart from the corporate  world,  to colleges,  schools, institutes, communities and  clubs  to  share  his  thoughts on  Communication & Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Management, Leadership development, Attitudinal Transformation, Time  Management, Stress  Management, Change Management, Creativity, Work-Life Balance, Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving Skills, Decision Making Skills, Coaching and Mentoring, Motivation, Ego  Management, Strategic Planning and Execution, Performance Management, Ethics and Values, Negotiation Skills

He can be contacted at:



  • “I still remember a lot from a workshop I attended ten years ago…and a few things I learnt have become deep rooted habits with me”—Girish Vir
  • “I have listened to thousands of speakers in my life…but none like Anil Bhatnagar.”—Avinash Alag
  •  “…the best workshop I have ever attended”-Manish Sethi
  • There was never a dull moment. Despite the inconvenient pressure, I kept postponing my visit to the toilet”—Manish Bansal
  • "I was surprised by the depth of knowledge, passion, sincerity and commitment of the faculty".
    --Debasmita Tripathy
  •  “He is a master story-teller, has tremendous sense of humour…and he is a great motivator.”—Prashant Kaushik



 "Prominent personalities like Deepak Chopra, Anil Bhatnagar, Professor S.K.Chakravarty, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Ravishankarji Maharaj, Suresh Pandit, and Swami Someswarananda etc. are on their toes to spread the wisdom of Indian ethos to the Indian community for the development of Spiritual Business world."

- Dr Ajay Raj M. Vyas   Sr. Faculty in Commerce & Management
Anand Institute of Business Studies


"The legacy Anil will leave is the sound, practical, and ingeniously simple prescription for success in life that he graciously and lovingly offers to us. I now have a mini-library of Anil's works that grace my office credenza and this latest book is purposely in the very centre."

--Dr William Cottringer,

Professional Success Coach and Author of the best seller, ''You Can Have Your Cheese & Eat It Too'


"Success 24 x 7' is a seminal work decoding the subtle spiritual principles that when practiced correctly manifest themselves in the world as true all-round success. Success 24 X 7, indeed is Anil's precious gift to his readers."

--Ira Chaleff,

President, executive Coaching & Consulting Associates,

Washington DC, Chairman, Board of the Congressional Management Foundation and Award winning author of 'The Courageous Follower'


"Anil Bhatnagar's passion and expertise shine through on every page. This well-organized and entertaining collection of timeless techniques and helpful hints will have you engaging in enlightened communication well before you finish the last chapter.

--Tom Gegax,

Founder and ex-CEO of Tires Plus, USA and

Author of 'By the Seat of the Pants' and 'Winning in the Game of Life'


"Reverse Your Thoughts, Reverse Your Diseases" holds the key to a lifetime of health and happiness. This is, quite simply, a delightful book that speaks the truth."

-Dr Christiane Northrup, M.D. Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Author of New York Times bestsellers, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause (


Testimonials from HR heads:

  "We have been doing frequent trainings with Mr Anil Bhatnagar now for more than a year. All along we  have found Anil to be a prolific trainer whose special  delivery  skills  make  any content so simple and relevant that it leaves  a  lifelong  mark  on  the  audience.  The high energy levels and practical - real life examples keep the trainees thoroughly engaged during the entire duration.

 The efficacy of the training conducted by him is well evident  from  the  fact  that  I see my team using quite a few practices /tools  that  they  learnt during the training, in their daily work place as well in their personal life. This has really helped them a lot in improving their overall deliveries.

Anil exuberates tremendous art of relating with the audience – irrespective of levels (from a Territory Manager to General Manager), understanding their gaps and building up the program to address those needs. The impetus of his trainings has been to build lasting changes in behavior and habits of the trainees that they would like to practice beyond their work life".

 --Dinesh Gulati, Circle Head - Mumbai, Reliance Communications Limited

 "Your workshop on, 'Attitude for Excellence' that you have been conducting for employees of our corporate office and Steel Plants created a tremendous impact on the participants.

 May of the participants came personally to thank me for sponsoring them for these workshops. Many, who missed, specially made a request to include their names in the future workshops. Steel Plants also specially convey their appreciation and praise for you".

                          --Ram Mohan, GM (Personnel), SAIL Corporate Office.

   "It was my privilege to have you with us for the international conference on "Work Life Balance" at Power Management Institute (NTPC), Noida. I convey my sincere thanks for your excellent presentation and immense contribution to the conference".

 --Dr Suneeta Singh, GM, PMI (NTPC)


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  • “He is a master story-teller, has tremendous sense of humor…and he is a great motivator.” —Prashant Kaushik, Publisher .
  • “I have listened to thousands of speakers in my life…but none like Anil Bhatnagar.” —Avinash Alag, Educationist
  • There was never a dull moment. Despite the inconvenient pressure, I kept postponing my visit to the toilet” —Manish Bansal, counselor

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